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  • Aug. 24, 2023, 5:06 p.m.
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Ziggy was having seizures due to blood loss from fleas and a severe allergic reaction to the fleas. He had a fever of 106. The staff put him on ice treated his fleas. He has a flea collar his temperature is down and feels a lot better. The soresto collar cost $80 a piece. We bought 2 collars for Harley Quinn and Ziggy our 2 most allergic cats in our house. We can’t treat Turtle or her kitten because she is still breast feeding. I might buy 2 more collars during payday for Coal and Ash.

Yes we have a total of 6 cats. It used to be 4 but I found Turtle in a hoarder house with a newborn kitten. The house was to unsanitary for them to thrive so I brought them to my home.

Last updated August 24, 2023

Mr. Mofo August 24, 2023

I hope he is okay.

MyCatZiggy Mr. Mofo ⋅ September 06, 2023 (edited September 06, 2023)


Ziggy had multiple seizures by the time we got to the vet he had a fever of 106. They put him on ice lowered his temperature to 102 in 30 minutes. He had a severe allergic reaction to fleas. They gave him Benadryl. Gave him medicine to lower his fever gave him saline and we bought him the best flea collar we could find that last 8 months. $300 later he is better. His favorite place is in an open kennel in front of the air conditioner. Ziggy is 100 percent better. Thanks again for your kindness.

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