I Just Need To Stop in Me Being Me

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I know everytime I try to talk to the slumlord about something that needs to be fixed or how her dog barks for hours and even when she is outside and the dog is alone inside it still barks. But she just lies and tells me so what? And she has no intention of ever being honest with me and when I told her there is sawdust in a different place in the laundry room she told me it’s not a big deal and she isn’t going to see what is causing it because the house is old. The reason I try to tell her these things is so she is aware and knows that something needs to be done. So then of course I get pissed off and wonder why I even talk to her so I will just not talk to her and hope that there is nothing that becomes an emergency,like a leak that turns into a flood.
Everytime I try to talk to her and tell her a concern I have she just says that she doesn’t mind and it’s okay. And then I get to a point where I just want to slap her upside the head. But I know better. So I just tell myself that she is going to die in a few years and that gives me comfort.
I told hubby and the only question he asked is why I even bother talking to her and to let him talk to her. Oh and I asked her why the dogs run up and down the hall and she said they are playing. I figure maybe one day the dogs will ram into a wall and really hurt themselves. Houses are not ment to be running in. I just wish she had the same curtisie I have for her that she would have for me. I am very quiet and I don’t have my TV up full blast and I don’t have loud music and I try to obey the laws and everything she tells me to do I do. But yet she does whatever she wants and ignores what I ask her even though I think it’s something important and needs attention even if it’s just to be looked at. All I want is a safe enviorment where I can depend on things working like they should. But then I am just a no body and I have no idea what I am talking about so there for it’s all in my imagination.

Onto something else…

So did you whatch the debate? What did you think? Out of those 8 that were there would you vote for any of them? There are three that I would vote for if I were American. This is what some said about the debate…


Onto something else…

Today is going to be pretty much the same as the other days this week. Just the regular domestic duties and not much else.
I finally got the papers I need for my IBS and the foods I am going to be eating. I read the information and read what the diet is and I pretty well already eat those things so it won’t be that hard to follow. There isn’t much that I have to delete so I should have no issues.
But I am really nurvous when I do eat becasue I don’t know how what I eat will effect me and if I will be running to the bathroom or trotting. But nowI have this and I need to deal with it.
The one thing I do need to do is start a food journal and keep track of what I eat and determin how I feel after I eat it.

Onto something else…
Dinner tonight will be fish and frozen vegetables and rice.

I need to stop here…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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