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I find that when I tell hubby or the landlady what I think is wrong with something that needs to be fixed they are very skeptical just because I don’t know much abut the thing that needs to be fixed. Like when I told the slumlord that there was a tempature issue she didn’t fix the issue and there is still a tempature issue . it’s not a great as it was but still. It’s like 4 degrees higher then it should be. I told hubby that the manufacture has these guidelines for a reason but he thinks a few degrees up or down isn’t a bigh deal. Then I asked him why there are industry standards and why are machines set according to them? He doesn’t have an answer because he doesn’t know. But the slumlord should know because she is the so called pro who has the certification to fix all of these things…NOT
I tell her what I think is wrong so she will start looking there and not waste an hour looking for something she has no idea what she is looking for. But just shortening the hose that hooks up to the outside really didn’t do much and I am still weary of using the dryer. The top of the dryer still feels warmmer then it should be and the room heats up and I feel too hot. And there is no heat in the laundry room.
But when I tell someone what I think is wrong I am just not spewing out lies I have actually looked it up so I can find something that sounds about what it is so she can start looking there. But she tells me I have no idea what I am talking about. But the truth is it’s what the experts say and she thnks the exceprts have no idea what they are talking about and she always knows better. But I don’t think she actually looks or asks anyone how to fix things and maybe that is why nothing ever gets fixed for good?
And I think I have figured out why my kitchen sink leaks and that is because of the water pressure but hubby isn’t too sure about that. And depending on the pressure is dependent on when it leaks. it’s been about 2 weeks since it has leaked but I am still not putting stuff umder the sink because I have already had a box of sos get wet and soft and the bottom wasn’t closed anymore. And I haven’t been able to find anymore boxes of 50 sos pads anywhere.But I put them on my wish list at amazon because they say they are sold out of them.

Onto something else....

I really need to do some laundry so I will do at least two loads and see hot hot the dryer gets and how hot my freezer gets since I moved it. I think I am going to need a new freezer soon because the motor feels hot when I touch the side of the freezer but it works for now and the one I want costs about $800.00 so I need to save my money.
Question? is it always cheaper in the long run to just to repalce the item then to call someone to fix it? I figure if you just repalce it you can always get something that is more efficiant and up to industry standards. I have always been like that.

Onto something else....
Dinner tonight is going to be chicken drumsticks and a fresh vegetable and rice or pasta.

I need to stop here…
Do have a great day..
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe, and Behave.

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