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I am not but if I were I would be looking for something that doesn’t shed and doesn’t bark and is easy to train. And isn’t high strung. When I was growing up we had a smaller size poodle because they didn’t shed and they liked children and that is what my brother and I was. The dog we named Pepper from Angie Dickison because her character was “sargent Pepper” and also because the dog was black.
The dog never did really bark for hours on end and when it was told to stop it stopped and for the most part the dog was trained to do it’s dog things. We got the dog for my brothers 12th birthday and we swore up and down that we would look after it but as it turned out my dad ended up taking it to work with him and the dog would sleep with him also.
And ever since that dog my brother has had his own dog ever since. He always seems to get the same type and he always goes to the USA to get them and they live to be about 15 years old and usually dies of a brain thing. And he always get female dogs. And my brother is always on the go with that dog and it very rarely is home alone. When my brother does leave the dog he always has someone there cleaning his place so the dog is never alone and it never barks.
The dog my slumlord land lady has is a mixed breen and it’s part beagal and it was in an abusiive enviorment when it was born and kept in a cage all the time and didn’t know how to pee outside and couldn’t walk up stairs and has seperation anxiety and she won’t even try to fix the dog so it will stop barking for hours on end when she leaves the dog alone and caged up. And I have told her the dog barks and it has seperation anxiety but she is going to do nothing about it. But I did find out from the rental people that she needs to do something to get that dog to stop barking when she isn’t home and I can report her. But I want to give her a chance to get the help the dog needs. My first thought would be doggy daycare then there will be other dogs to keep it company or she could get someone like me to be with the dog. But I wouldn’t do it because I have an allergy to dogs that shed.
The thing is that I have noticed is that the dog doesn’t have a very active life and really isn’t being trained to do much and because of that it’s why it barks when she leaves. She doesn’t leave enough for the dog to keep busy when she is gone.
I would never ever get an abused dog because I just don’t have the patience to train it and get the help it needs and of course that all costs money and I just don’t have that. And besides from what I have read these types of dogs either get taken back to where they came from or to the SPCA and then they are put down to die. And I find that just horrible because people just don’t want to spend the money fixing their dog.
The law says that everyone is entitiled to peace and quiet in their home and having a dog bark for hours on end is a disterbance of the peace. And there are concequences that could be given out and money paid to the one who complains.

Onto something else…

Today is hubby’s long weekend because he is taking his in lew of day from last Monday so it’s nice to have him here for another day. Not sure what we are going to do but whatever it is it will be here at home because we are getting a heat wave.
And for dinner tonight i am going to try to get hubby to order in dinner....I am thinking chinese or italian.
Well I need to stop here and start my day…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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theKat August 12, 2023

the land lord own the home so I guess she sets the rules for animals... but I think she needs to get rid of her renters because I don't think she likes people in her home any longer

Jodie theKat ⋅ August 12, 2023

Well the thing is she has to follow the laws of the provincial governemnt because they are the ones who sets the rules for landlords and renters and until I leave which could be the day she dies she is bound by the rental people.

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