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How do you react when someone says “NO” to you? Do you get all defensive and ask why? or do you just accept the answer? Depending on what was said no to I often think of the most logical reason and ask if it’s because of that. If not then I just ignore what they said and do what I want. For someone to tell me that I can’t light my candles or use a space heater just doesn’t fly when they say they are terrified of fire. The thing is they are no where near where I am using these things so it really has nothing to do with them. And before I even use these things I find out what the by laws are and what the experts say and listen to how they suggest I use these things. And lighing candles of any kind is no reason to eveict someone or to use a space heater. And from what I was told no one can tell you what you can or can not do unless it’s in writing. But then when a province or a sate tells you that you can’t do something there is usually a fine of something like $300.00 each time you don’t listen. Like here in B/C. we have something called stage two water restrictions and it’s a $300.00 fine each time you get caught and we also have a ban on fires except for one place on Vancouver island. The water restrictions will benifit everyone in the end because there will be more then enough water so we just need to conserve water for a short time. And I figure when the fire season is done we will be able to light fires again when people go camping.
If you think about it you really don’t need to water your grass because it does rain and snow and that should be good enough. But then all you are doing is wasting water that won’t last when it soaks up the dirt and grass. And I figure if you cut your grass enough then there should be no problems with it. Unless your grass is like mine and it’s all weeds so mine is always green no matter the tempature.
The place I rent has so much potenial that it’s just looking more and more like a safty issue then anything. If everything got fixed and was up to standard then this place would be lasting almost forever. And it would be really nice if I didn’t have to complain all the time of how things are getting worse or are the same. I wonder how much happier I would be if everything worked like it is suppose to? Maybe I would be more thankful for where I am living and have what I call a real home and not a place where I just pay rent? But I would like to see what that is like. Maybe the next place I live?

Onto something else…

Hubby gets a long weekend because of the holiday that was last Monday. So he doesn’t have to go to work tomorrow which is good and he can sleep in and wake up rested to answer my silly questions and listen to my corny jokes. And dinner tonight will be left overs for hubby and not sure what I want but I don’t want much.
And I have promised myself that the domestic work I need to do I will be doing it.
I think this weekend will be nice and quiet and that is the best way to have it. Oh and we are going to be getting a heat wave so that should be really fun…

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fjäril August 11, 2023

I react differently to who says no and the situation around what I've asked them.

Jodie fjäril ⋅ August 11, 2023

do you ever see why they say no?

theKat August 11, 2023

if someone says no you need to respect their opinion. I hate it when I say know and people question me... I never change the no to a yes

Jodie theKat ⋅ August 11, 2023


theKat Jodie ⋅ August 11, 2023

very very seldom... and if I do it is only when my boys ask.... I give in to them but I always still never change my mind even if I give in to them

Jodie theKat ⋅ August 11, 2023

I take it that cute look doesn't work either?

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