The Bus Ride in Me Being Me

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For the most part when hubby and I take the bus somewhere we ususally have a nice ride and we get to where we want to go with no issues. I alwasy try to be respectful and offer my seat to those who have walkers or wheel chairs. And if I am standing I always move back when the bus driver says “Move to the back of the bus” He does this so more people can get on the bus, and people are suppose to be not on the red line. The red line is where the space between the bus driver and the people so they don’t block his view.
So anyways, hubby and I were about 5 stops away from where we wanted to get off and the bus driver said Move back. And people were going too slow. Then there was this family with a young girl I think she was not even a teenager yet but still when the bus driver said move back she said “No I don’t have to” so the bus driver stood up and asked who said that so I pointed her out. And then he told her to get off of his bus and she said no. The bus was stopped by now and he got out of the bus and went to the back door and told her to get out and he was not moving till she got out. And her stupid mother told the bus driver that she is just a kid when she said that. So after about 5 or so minutes she left and her family had to get off the bus also. There was five of them all together. And then the next stop there was this guy who got on through the back door and the bus driver stopped the bus and told him to come throew the front door because he had to pay his fair and he asked why and then said no he isn’t going to do that. So the busdriver went to the back door and escorted him to the bus stop and he had to wait for the next bus.
So when I got home I e-mailed the bus company and told him what he did and how I thought he was doing a good job and then I also wrote to the local newspaper and wrote something called red roses and rotten tomatoes and how I thought this bus driver was trying to keep the people safe and how this girl desereved rotten tomatoes for not listening or respecting the bus driver.
And when I got off the bus I told the bus driver that if he wants to come to my housr for a good stiff drink he is more then welcome. Because I saw how stressed he was because of that situation. And he said thank you very much and laughed. Then I told him not to work too hard and to have fun.
You know it really doesn’t take much to make someone smile and laugh when the day is stressful and people are not listening. And I always try to say something nice about the people I see just so they have that smile and say thank you. You never know what kind of day people are having and I figure if I can make them smile or laugh then it is a good day.
The thing I don’t understand is why people are so rude and treat you like shit because they don’t like your behaviour or how you write e-mails to them? And they remember the bad stuff about you and even though you are trying to be better they still treat you like shit. My slum lord is doing this. So I have relaized why should I try to be nice and pleasent if she won’t leave past history where it belongs? I often don’t have time for plesentries when it comes to things that need to be fixed. I don’t think it’s nice to have to suck up and be all nice when all it does is waste time and things get worse. And besides everyone else I know has no issues with me when I tell them stuff, especially important stuff. And there is nothing wrong with the way I write either for the most part.

Onto something else....

Not much is happeening today…just the regular Monday stuff before the work week starts and me trying to get everything done.
Dinner tonight isn’t going to be much but it will be something edible.

I need to stop here..
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe, and Behave.

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