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My slum lord is not only a pig but she is also rude and when she talks to me I always have to ask her what she said then she has to repete it agin and again and then she gets frusturated and just stops talking to me or turns around and walks away. I am not telling her I have hearing aids, but then there is something wrong with them. They are not charging up properly so I deed to get them fixed or replaced and that is happeening in about 2 weeks. But she knows I have wax buikd up in both of my ears and I will have it for the rest of my life but she still thinks I can hear 100%. But then she also doesn’t know I can only hear the first 60% of the hearing scale and the other 40% I don’t hear at all or is very weak.
The thing is everyone else in this world that I know and talk to except hubby’s brother I can hear perfectly and without always asking what they said. And I have asked her to talk louder and she tells me she is. I said to her if I could hear you then I wouldn’t be asking what you said.

Onto something else…
I talked to my mom yesterday and I was telling her what a horrible place this is and she just tells me to deal with it and she is right. The only option I have is to move and she is right. And because nothing is getting fixed right I just need to deal with that also. So I have decided that when something stops working I am just not going to say anything to her and I won’t be telling hubby so he can tell her because I am thinking if something breaks and floods this place or catches on fire then she will have to figure it out. And I am going to also not tell here where something is leaking or is not working right. I am tired of dealing with her because she never listens to me or looks at the real issue. And now I am waiting for the cement to get a bigger hole or even a sink hole and then I can say “I didn’t think it was bad enough” I am getting really tired of having to do everything she tells me to do because she won’t fix things the right way and make sure it work like it’s suppose to. The least she can do is listen to what I am saying and actually look at it and fix it when I prove her right. Like with the dryer there is a tempature issue because I can only use the perment press cycle and not the higher heat level because she is too cheap to fix the tempature so to get one on her I am not using cold water to wash my clothes because I refuse to buy cold water laundry soap. I told her I can’t afford it and I won’t pay more then .20 cents a load.
This is what I get....

Lemon Scent Dirt Release Powder Laundry Detergent, Club PackLEMON SCENT DIRT RELEASE POWDER LAUNDRY DETERGENT, CLUB PACK
Lemon Scent Dirt Release Powder Laundry Detergent, Club Pack 14.5 Kg and 150 loads.
And it works well with all water tempatures.
The thing is I do try to keep the costs down by buying power smart gadgets and making sure they are up to code. Have you ever heard of a landlord telling you that you have to get LED lights or they will be gone? I get that everytime I change a light bulb. And the reson she won’t let me have a space heater is because the risk of fire. But then the one I have will turn off if it tips over and when it gets to the tempature I want. And even the fire department told me I can have it and so did the rentsal people and she has no right to tell me I can’t have it and thereaten eviction. That is why I got it and also because if she won’t have the heat where I need it then screw her..she can try to evict me but she will loose. And I am also aloud to have my candles lit and she can’t say shit..especially when it comes to memoral candles.
The thing is I have all this electronic stuff that plugs into a wall and she still bitches about how much the electricty is. Well it’s all because she won’t turn the heat on to at least 68 degrees at night. and when I wake up it’s like anywhere from 60 to 65. And that is too cold for me. I did try to tell her that it’s becasue of the side effects of my medication and she said she doesn’t care saving money is more important. So that is when I decided I will be doing what I need to do to be comfortable and if it means turning on the oven then I will. When I was paying for my own electricty I lived in a two bedroom town house and the electric heat was about $50.00 a month when the ex left. And I only had the heat on when it was cold otherwise I turned it off. And it was always at a comfortable tempature. But then electric heat works different then gas heat and I had a themostate in every room even the bathroom. But the way she is controlling the electricty is just wrong becasue she turns the heat down so low that it uses more energy to heat the place up and she doesn’t realize this.
But then what do I know I am just a renter with no rights.
I wish I had the guts to call the slumlord on her wrong doing and show her that no one is above the law like she thinks she is. Everything she says is I will evict you or sue you and she can’t sue me because of my income and you can’t sue people who are collecting disability. Or is on wealfare because there is just no money.

Today is saturday and for dinner tonight it’s going to be side pork ribs and tater gems and corn or beans in a can. And I don’t have much to do today and then I am done the so called domestic work.

I need to stop here…
Do have a great day..
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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Nocturne August 05, 2023

I hear you. Some of the staff here are arseholes. :(

Jodie Nocturne ⋅ August 05, 2023

I just wish people had the same consideration that I have for a quiet enviorment and for better communication and respect.

Nocturne Jodie ⋅ August 05, 2023

Ya. hugs

theKat August 05, 2023

so sorry you have to deal with her (hugs)

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