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I can not understand why some people don’t take their responsibilites seriously and just do what they are suppose to do. And when something needs to be fixed why not just fix it when it first happeens? Then it won’t be a costly repair and something else won’t happen at the same time. Like the crack in the laundry room I am noticing that it’s getting wider and longer in some parts and I can see the cement crumbling. I read that the crack should be less them 0.03 mm and this crack is inches wide and feet long. I am just waiting for the floor to sink and a huge hole develope.
I told hubby the leak under the kitchen sink looks like it’s getting more water then before so he will tell her to fix it. It should have been done the other day but she said no because of my behavior.
But the thing is when I feel like someone is either lieing to me or not telling me the reason why something can’t get fixed other then the cost I get really defensive and start getting frusturated and mad at their stupidity. Like there was no good reason why not to fix the dryer so I have all levels of drying available to me. I know there is something wrong with the air distribution and she won’t fix it and she won’t get a pro in to fix it. So I have just perment press to dry my clothes.
The one thing I don’t get is why not have someone come in and fix what needs to be fixed and then it works right and for a lot longer and the macine will be more efficiant? Like I asked her why she wouldn’t get a washer and dryer that is more energy efficiant and stackable and all she said was no it’s not going to happen. Why wouldn’t someone want to save money on their electricity usuage?
My parents came here just once when we fist moved in and it’s been about 9 years since they have come back. I won’t let them back because of the mold issue and the other things that need to be fixed and besides they think the slumlord is a witch. And they think she is an idiot. And the truth is she is so there is a lot of truth in that. And my mom says I shouldn’t be living here and she is right. But the thing I don’t get is why the slumlord won’t raise the rent so she can be in line with the other landlords and pay her fair shae of taxes. I have figured out that she won’t raise the rent because of the next tax bracket she will be forced into. And also she can cry poor when it comes to fixing things and paying others to do the job. And I just tell her that if she did raise the rent every year that things could be fixed and I would be much happier. She did ask me if everything did get fixed then what would I complain about? I told her that I would be a lot happier and feel like I live in a home instead of paying rent and I would feel like I have some rights. But she wants me miserable and that is her choice. And I will contine to react the way I do until she starts to listen to me. Why should I do everything she tells me to do when she doesn’t do what I ask of her? So I have decided that I am going to just do what I want and if she doesn’t like it then too bad I don’t give a flying fuck anymore.

Onto something else…

Today is Friday..the weekend is comming and we get a long weekend because it’s B.C. day on Monday. And for dinner tonight we will have left overs and I am not sure if I want anything.
I have been doing my domestic cleaning in the last few days and today I have some more and I plan to do them. Most of the laundry is done and I want to change the beds and sweep the floors. And who knows maybe listen to some music. Now that I have better internet it will be better and it won’t stop and lag.

Onto something else…

Well, I am going to stop here…
Do have agreat day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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