So Why Can't Major Appliences Be Looked At? in Me Being Me

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  • July 24, 2023, 7 a.m.
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Last night I told hubby that I want the dryer looked at and the mold taken care of and the crack in the cement fixed. And he said that there is really nothing wrong and it’s all fine. The dryer he says I leave it on too long and that is why it gets too hot. I told him that there is something with the way the air is being distibuted and that there might be something clogged. And besides the outside of the dryer shouldn’t feel like a tempature of more then 100 degrees.
I also told him just because he thinks that all of these things seem to work fine I can hear and see that they are not and they all need to be looked at by someone who knows what they are doing. And I know that will never happen.
But I do think now that hubby understands how I feel that he will be telling the slumlord.
In all my years that I have been doing domestic work I have never ever had applicence that were used and stopped working or broke or caught on fire. My oven’s element caught on fire and a used one was bought and now I see the element is not red all around so I see another hazzard but hubby says it’s still works. But then when ever I use these things I wonder if it will be the last time I use them. And I am thinking if I can actually hurt myself on the cracked cement and will I go down to hell and suffer? But the worse issue I have is two things…The first one is the black and brown colors in the vanity and on the wood floor and the wall in the laundry room and then it’s the furnace that the air ducts and the furnace it’s self needs all the dust taken out. I have noticed that when the furnace is on the amount of dust I get on my floors is great big chunks. Hubby calls them dust bunnies but these things are huge and black. I have never ever had dust like this and it’s no wonder my alergies are a lot worse then when I moved in here. Since I have lived here I have had to get something for my headaches and allergy medication, because the slumlord doesn’t care about my well being. And now I think because of the things that need to be fixed especially the amount of dust and the walls and floor my body is reacting to it.
The one question I do have is why a landlord wouldn’t care about their renters well being? And want a place where they can live comfortably and not worry if something will make them sick? How much time does it really take to look at something that is of concern of the tenant? And why don’t they follow the law and do what they are suppose to do? I just don’t get it....

Onto something else…

Today hubby and I are going to Costco. I haven’t been since before 2019 so it should be fun. I even have a list for some of the things I like to get everytime I am there. The one thing I don’t like about costco is that you can only get large quantities of what you need. I also like the idea that cistco always has new things and free samples. I use to call that lunch because by the time you try everything you are full and you have had a free lunch so to speak.
And then when we come back I am not sure what we will do for dinner but it will be something. And then we will whatch some mindless TV and then go to bed.

Well, I need to stop here…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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theKat July 24, 2023

my question is why do you need your husband's permission to have things looked at!

Jodie theKat ⋅ July 24, 2023

I don't need his permission but he has a way of not being a bitch when talking to her where as I get defensive and start calling her names like cheap bitch to her face.And then she threatens me with eviction and doesn't fix things.

Nocturne July 24, 2023

We are being sprayed for bedbugs today so that sucks. I am at Tim's with my girls...

Jodie Nocturne ⋅ July 24, 2023

that really sucks...Hope they will be gone the first time spraying.

Nocturne Jodie ⋅ July 27, 2023

No such luck...

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