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  • Aug. 19, 2014, 2:27 p.m.
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I just wanted to write about what I mentioned in my last entry.

I have two friends. Jill I have known since 1994, and her husband.
I have known her husband since 2000.

Jack and Jill were were married in 2001
Jack recently started a pinterest board about baby things.
Like baby clothes, and the like.

I said to Jill the other day.
Are you pregnant? I saw Jack's pinterest board about baby things.

She responded in the negative and said actually Jack had left her.
But maybe his girlfriend was pregnant????!!?

I was shocked.

Jill apologized for not telling me about the separation.
Now if I had known anything about this I would not have mentioned the board at all.
But I assumed once I saw the board that Jill was having a baby with Jack.

By the way she sounded it sounded like this was the first time she was hearing
about a possible pregnancy.

So yes I did put my foot in my mouth, but it seems like Jill and I are okay.
I talked briefly to Jack and he is trying to have a pregnancy happen with his girlfriend.
I would not be surprised if I never hear from Jack again.

music & dogs & wine August 19, 2014

Oh wow, that is awkward! But you couldn't have known, so you shouldn't feel bad at all.

thesunnyabyss August 19, 2014

I think it would an easy enough mistake, but I can understand why it would make things awkward,

big hugs my friend!

pandora August 19, 2014

SO awkward.

Deleted user August 19, 2014

Totally not your fault though. Chances are if he didn't tell you, you may not be friends anymore anyway. Or he could be too ashamed.

Cat Mommy August 26, 2014

Not your fault! How were you supposed to know if no one had bothered to tell you?!

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