Husband help remodel schizophrenic mother's garage and house,stop theft,sis in law funeral in Just Life

  • June 19, 2023, 10:28 p.m.
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My husband took a week off of paid vacation he wanted me to take a week off to be with him in Virginia visiting his family. I told him go stay with his mama that my schizophrenic mother cannot stay home alone. I rather work at the hotel while mom sleeps in the morning and care for her in the afternoons.

Talan noticed I am still trying hard to clean up mom’s house where her mental breakdown destroyed it. My husband decided instead visiting his mom that this week he would help me clean mom’s property. Today we have been cleaning the garage. My brother Tom thilthed it up when mom refused to pay his bills and she stopped him from stealing he made the property messy and left of course leaving me to clean the mess him and my mom left behind. He destroyed the apartment and told me to tear it down Tom won’t pay for repairs.

Toms wife Lesa died. She died of cancer,renal failure. Lesa was wheel chair bound and sick a long time. My brother keeps begging me to go to my sister in laws funeral. All I have ever been to her is someone she can use. She stole from me,swore she pay me back and never did. She was cruel to me now I don’t know if I should even go to the funeral. The family was divided after I changed the locks, and went to a lawyer to discuss my brothers theft habit. He hasn’t been back since I told him mom’s a ward of the state if I catch him stealing mom,me and the state presses charges. He still has mom’s stolen truck mom requested me not to press charges. This is bullshit.

I bought an infinity hoop on temu. I have been exercising once a day with the hula hoop. I am not in shape I get tired easily. I need to build up to a longer exercise.

I noticed my teeth haven’t been getting as clean by a traditional toothbrush so I bought automatic teeth cleaning tray. I put it in my mouth for 30 seconds it brushes my hard spots and best of all it’s been whitening my teeth. Since I started using this product the ultrasonic light has repaired my gums some. I am so grateful I bought this product. I can tell my oral care has improved.

I plan later to buy a water pick on Temu because their products are pretty cheap. I hope it will help heal my gums and give me a better clean.

I got to get up at 4 am so I can start cooking breakfast at the hotel by five. After work my husband and I plan to organize the garage some and try to fix the riding lawn mower. I have no idea how to fix it but considering mom’s grass is ridiculously high I am willing to learn a new skill. Night everyone.

Asenath Waite June 20, 2023

At the risk of being rude, it sounds like your brother and his wife were and are terrible people. Parasitic.

No reasonable person would blame you for not attending her funeral.

I'd never heard of an automatic teeth cleaning tray. They look nifty.

MyCatZiggy Asenath Waite ⋅ June 20, 2023

My sister in law and brother feel entitled. They take from people instead earning it their selves. Since she died Tom been trying to get accepted back into the family acting like he didn't steal thousands of dollars,tools and mom's truck. I told mom I am not dealing with this crap anymore. She has been crying because I told her he isn't coming back to steal again.

Asenath Waite MyCatZiggy ⋅ June 20, 2023

Good on you for finally setting some much needed boundaries. It's understandable that she loves him, especially in her condition, but sometimes people are just malignant.

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