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  • May 12, 2023, 10:32 p.m.
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I got 4 cats and 1 automatic litter box. I need to buy another one but I will have to wait until payday. It’s a lot easier to clean up than traditional litter boxes. I simply take the machine part off the litter box tray cover it with the cardboard lid and simply throw it in the trash. It scoops itself. The litter is a lot lighter than traditional litter. Will save room in the trash. Replace with a clean tray within seconds the litter is back in order. It uses a lot less than traditional litter boxes. Pet safe Scoop Free blue litter doesn’t smell as bad as clay. The Pet Safe cost a bit more but it’s uses less litter. Lasts longer and smells better. I wish I bought this litter box a long time ago. The cats don’t kick it out as much as traditional litter. I only swept up a tiny bit. I am willing to pay the bit more for the conveniently self cleaning litter. The cats seem like they use this litter box. Besides having to clean the metal comb on the box and the litter being a little pricey I am happy with it.

My mom’s dog Lemon is the worse for running off. She is a cattle dog and loves to go on walks. Problem? She is smart if you turn your head she unleashes herself and runs. If you get in the car and follow her when she gets winded you open the door and say car ride she will hop in the car and kiss you. People are scared of her because of her size not aware she is a friendly lovable baby. Where she loves to run the neighbors know she belongs to mom and is kind enough to return her if she gets away. I just bought a tracking device for her collar. It tells me the exact address where she has been seen last. The tile tracker should hopefully help me keep up with Lemon.

Mom’s other dog Baby is a rat terrier Chihuahua mix. Very intelligent honestly doesn’t need a leash because he walks beside you and is a dream. The problem? If Lemon runs Baby runs too. Baby loves hanging out with Lemon. As long as I can keep Lemon on her lead Baby is a intelligent affectionate dog anyone is lucky to be around. My husband kept Baby off a lead over an hour. He was outside with his friends burning a couch. Baby kept his distance from the fire but got cuddles and walked beside Talan,Jude and Emily.

Where Baby has been raised around cats. He thinks he is a cat. I have seen Baby a tiny rat terrier Chihuahua mix actively hunt rats with Lemon the cattle bog and take them down. I didn’t even have a chance to get a cat. Lemon and Baby are great hunters.

Today I was truly exhausted after days working in mom’s house I took a break. Instead scrubbing and cleaning her house I came home and took a nap. Later on in the day I gave Lemon a tracking device to help me keep up with her in case she runs off again. I hope after work tomorrow I can go battle her house more. I hope someday to move back there.

Asenath Waite May 12, 2023 (edited May 12, 2023)


Which brand of automatic litter box did you get? It looks like the prices vary a lot.

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