And Now We Sell in Thirty-Eight

  • May 1, 2023, 5:24 p.m.
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I am waiting for my brother to send me a form so I can finally get the house in my name that way I can sell it.

Either that or I’m going to burn it down finally.

Every month something new breaks and We simply cannot afford to keep up with it. Right now we need about $5000 just to be able to get above water again.

That five whole months worth of income. Five months. I can’t do it.

So we will be selling all the shit we have, sleeping on the floor until we can get the fuck out of here.

My gas will be shut off this month.
My electricity will be shut off this month.
My water will be shut off this month.
Internet and phone will be shut off along with all of that as well.

We simply can’t do it anymore. And it is fucking devastating because we went through this to get here....and now we’re having to go through it again.

I’ve applied for assistance with utility bills but the state is 3 months behind so I wouldn’t hear anything until July.

I texted my brother and asked him to send the form again. But yeah we’ll see when he sends it.

If worse comes to worse I’ll move my animals over to my cousin’s house for a bit and just burn the house down. There’s no insurance.

If I get arrested for arson, at least I will have a decent roof over my head and if something breaks, we don’t have to fix it ourselves.

At this point I know everyone thinks I’m full of shit because every single month I have to ask for help, and no one believes that things can possibly be like this. And that’s fine. I’m done trying to convince people that my life is shit.

Anyway have a good fucking month.

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