Those Were Weird... in Dreams And Nightmares

  • April 30, 2023, 8:54 p.m.
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Dream one is I started dating the old friend who works at the law firm. Other than a minor crush when I was 16 there is nothing romantic

Dream two, nightmare time!
Mike and I were kidnapped by a serial killer couple. That was wild and movie like. In it Mike got the gun from the guy and shot him and the girl. We bolted. Guy survived and hit Mike with his car, killing him. I bolted into the woods and hid till I heard his car drive off. Made it to a rural gas station and had them call 911 cause my hands were cut up badly from defending myself, I was missing a finger. Lo and behold the killer comes into the store. The attendants running the place recognized the guy cause he ripped them off on a big drug deal. I went to the hospital and the guy never left the store. 😎. There is more to it as it was a vivid dream but that’s the jist of it.

Speaking of Mike, many months ago he purchased tickets to see Lewis Black. I forgot all about it. It’s this upcoming Friday. This will be my second time seeing him. I’m stoked

Last updated May 01, 2023

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