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  • April 30, 2023, 1:34 a.m.
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i am still sad about my ex-job, even though i know it will work out It is just sad that ithought i was amongst friends. i will just breathe and work on me for a bit, then look for another one. i watched hoarders today with my daughter, it helps to motivate us to clean. Having ADHD, with time blindness really sucks, i lose so much time and i am very disorganized. It has gotten worse since the death of my husband. i did manage to clean my bathroom today.. the floor, toilet, counter and sink! So, that is a win. Not sure what area i to work on tomorrow.

blackpropaganda April 30, 2023

Sorry to read you are under so much pressure

This is my life blackpropaganda ⋅ May 01, 2023

Thank You so much🥰

MyCatZiggy April 30, 2023 (edited April 30, 2023)


I watch Hoarders to feel better about a situation. I am cleaning a hoarder home by myself because the lady who owns it refuses to. I am like I can do this.. hers isn't as bad as I thought.

This is my life MyCatZiggy ⋅ May 01, 2023

Good luck to you! i get the cluttered ones.. but the ones with garbage, poop, bugs. And rodents.. noooooooo just no.

MyCatZiggy This is my life ⋅ May 02, 2023

Sadly the one I got is a nightmare.. it needs an exorcist and a hazmat team.

This is my life MyCatZiggy ⋅ May 02, 2023

Ewww that doesn't sound good.. good luck, You can do it!

J.E. May 01, 2023

big hugs

This is my life J.E. ⋅ May 01, 2023

Thank You so much 🥰

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