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November 17, 2023

my life

So, my life now… i work with a sweet little kid (not quite 4) who has autism and is non verbal. He is very smart, he knows all of his colors, alphabet, shapes, animals, even seasons, however he d...

September 18, 2023


i am here in Tennessee, it will be 2 weeks on Wednesday. Staying with my cousin and her family. It has been quite a culture shock being here, so very different than California. People seem nicer,...

September 01, 2023


Got my cousins from the airport, there flight was so late, they had to deboard the plane in Dallas.. so crazy. But, we made it home safely. Itbwas a pretty good day.. miss my Daddy though. Not ...

August 31, 2023

Blue Full Super Moon!

It was a good day today. Got some errands done, got some cleaning done. All ready for company, well mostly.. im not stressing over it, im done with stressing. i went outside to see the beautiful ...

August 29, 2023


It was a pretty good day today, haven’t heard about the job, but that’s ok, hopefully soon. Positive thoughts 😁 and if i don’t get a spot, then it wasn’t meant for me. Washed my blankets and did ...

August 28, 2023

Hands free

i used my hands free toy this time with the remote control. This is a great toy that goes in me and has a clit sucker.. it was so great💙 love coming for my Daddy.

August 28, 2023

Good Day

Today was a good day. i didn’t do anything i don’t always do, but it was good. my cousins are going to come out for a visit, that will be good, and im thinking maybe im going to go back with the...

August 26, 2023


The interview i had today was for a job i didn’t even apply for but i was called because someone recommended me for it. i think it went pretty well, we talked for quit a while and answered a lot ...

August 25, 2023


Today was a good day. Love to sit outside with my dogs and my coffee in the mornings, and again at night to look at the stars and moon. i have an interview tomorrow.. wish me luck please. my Da...

August 24, 2023

A Better Day

Today has been such a better day, Daddy said it was a self-care day. 😁 so, this morning i made coffee ☕️ and sat outside at the table and played Frisbee with my dog Olive, she is a high energy do...

August 23, 2023


Stressful day today, having no water in the house really sucks. i would never make it on survivor 🤣😂. Still have a headache, but the knob got replaced and now have water! i stressed mosted of the...

August 22, 2023


What a Monday.. it rained with lightning today, not looking forward to the winter months. Have a problem with my shower handle.. it shot off and water squirted everywhere and so fast, it was so ...

August 21, 2023

Sucky Day

Today has not been the best day. my Daddy hasn’t been in a good place today and kinda down. i don’t like this because i cant do anything. Also, today, i lost Geoffrey. He was named after the toys...

August 17, 2023

my poor moon

my beautiful yellow neon fish was murdered by a tank mate today, i am not sure which one though, he had a gouge in his side😪. Other than that it was an ok day, getting stuff done around the house...

August 15, 2023


Here it is Monday again! Got up with a headache, watered plants and the grass, cleaned a bunch, still more to do. Tooth feels so much better, taking antibiotics. Still trying to find a job, if an...

August 12, 2023


Today my tooth hurt worse than yesterday, i think calling the dentist is a good idea, i just wish i had dental insurance, it can be quite pricey. i did put some clove oil on it.. seems to take th...

August 11, 2023


i did a fun task for Daddy that involved a knife and Watersports. The task was 1. To pee on my knife and then lick it. 2. To pee my panties while pressing the knife to them. And 3. Pee whole hold...

August 01, 2023

Full Moon

The full moon on August 1st. For this full moon i set up a portable bathtub outside. i put up cute lights, filled the tub with water and bubbles, brought out a small table for drinks and snacks, ...

June 15, 2023

Jealousy and me

Yes, i used to be a very jealous person, i mean so jealous i couldn’t even think straight. i believed that i just wasn’t enough, not pretty enough, not sexy enough, not really what they want. A p...

June 08, 2023


Watching a show with my kids, i just couldn’t concentrate..Dogs scratching at the back door, cats playing, the fish tank filter flowing, the ac rumbling, cars driving by, i think i am crazy somet...

June 07, 2023


Better day today. Washed some blankets and other stuff, got the kitchen cleaned up, worked on some doom piles, yes i have those. Watched the rest of my show, hated the ending because it made me c...

June 07, 2023


Not a good day today, screwed up with Daddy, i will do better, i am better. Got some stuff done today, not a lot. my brain was too busy telling me lies, It always does. Seems to take away all of ...

June 05, 2023


Picked up meds, got a few things from the store. Talked to an old work mama friend for a while. She had lost her husband at a young age, she also had 3 small children at the time. i missed her. F...

June 05, 2023


Today was ok, my daughter and i got the kitchen all cleaned up, did some more laundry.. haven’t folded them yet, i will tomorrow! i like to fold clothes! Chilled outside for a bit.. watched TV an...

June 03, 2023


Coffee outside with my dogs… its the best! Got all 3 fish tanks cleaned, water changed and looking pretty 😁. Got taco truck for dinner.. i usually love it, but they didn’t have my usual, so i got...

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