Conservative Snowflakes in Those Public Entries

  • April 26, 2023, 11:47 a.m.
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I mean, me? I love being called a snowflake by the same crowd that craps its collective drawers over beer, children’s media, breakfast cereals, and the skin color of mythical creatures.

Deleted user April 26, 2023

Good to see another progressive on here. The Cons love to project. Like with all their accusations of perversion.

Park Row Fallout April 26, 2023

I know my situation and family is weird and a terrible example but.... at least ONE example of the b.s. insanity in our world?
My Father: A man whose longtime favorite movie was "The Birdcage" but refuses to buy Jack Daniels or Budweiser because "they went woke."
This fucking world.

xiampoesravenx May 07, 2023

I'm Canadian but the same is here too. The Tories (or Conservatives) are just out for the almighty buck... it's really sad...

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