R in Orgasms For Daddy

  • March 27, 2023, 5:55 a.m.
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Today’s entry is brought to you today by the letter R, and the color Red! Lol. Ok ok, so for R i wore Red makeup (eyeshadow/lipstick/Rouge). i Rippled (crimped) my hair, and put in Red Ribbons. i used Ruby stickers to make the letter R on my left boobie. i wore Red lingerie with a Red Robe. i put in Red nipple Rings and a Red tongue Ring. i fucked myself with Rose butt plug (made od glass) until i came.. and i loved the Release, i loved doing all of this for my Daddy, He is incredible and deserves all of this and more.

blackpropaganda March 27, 2023

Does Daddy reward you in some way for all the pleasure you are giving him? Or is your reward just knowing he is enjoying your orgasms - and I take it you used the butt plug in your cunt.

This is my life blackpropaganda ⋅ March 29, 2023

Daddy is very good to me.. pleasing Him is the Ultimate reward though, i love it! You are correct about the plug. 😁

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