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August 30, 2023


Tonight i did as requested by Daddy. i spread both holes, i rubbed my nipples on the floor, and i put my purple princess jewel plug in and fucked myself with a pink toy until i again made a Squir...

August 26, 2023

Clear toy and chair

That was Daddy’s request. i put his initial on me and with my clear vibrator sitting in Daddy’s chair i brought myself to orgasm and a little squirt. It felt great, i love doing things for Him.

August 22, 2023

Suction dildo

Ok, so first i played with myself for a while.. just with my fingers.. next i sectioned a dildo to His chair and sat on it ass facing the camera, next, i sat in the chair to finish it off and sq...

August 19, 2023

Lots of Fun

Tonight i did several things that were requested.. some pet play with collar, leash, and of course ears! Wet white shirt with nipples showing through, pretty pink ribbons, spreading both holes at...

August 14, 2023


i did Hufflepuff Barbie tonight.. it was so much fun. i wore all Hufflepuff clothes.. skirt, suspenders, shirt, socks, hair bow, and alternated the sweater and jacket! Also wore the Hufflepuff ma...

August 07, 2023

S&M Barbie

Daddy came up with Barbie tasks!! It is so much fun! The first one was S&M Barbie! For this, First i wore a leather skirt, black lace panties, a black bra with a white button up shirt. i took...

June 07, 2023

Chair x2

Ok.. so on Daddy’s chair with His initial on both thighs, the top of my pussy and my boobs, legs spread boobs out, using the glow in the dark one, because it’s my favorite for the chair.. fucking...

June 05, 2023


Yup, 2 in one day again.. Taking orders from Daddy, legs wide open, tits out, ass plugged. Daddy seems to really like my chubby legs.. fucking myself for Daddy starting with a purple vibrator and...

June 05, 2023

Head View

Across the bed sideways, my hair and head at the edge.. legs open, tits out.. i used my powerful wand. i put the strong vibrations on my clit until it brought out a quick orgasm. It was fun and ...

May 29, 2023


Wearing kitty ears, collar, leash, and yes a tail too, i took some photos, i stimulated myself, and then on all 4’s straddling a pillow, tits hanging, rubbed myself on the pillow.. not the easi...

May 28, 2023

Just on my bed

Same day as the Toilet.. lol.. Just laying on my bed with my tits out to play with and a hands free toy un my pussy and on my clit. i let the toy do its thing while i rubbed my boobs until i orga...

May 28, 2023


Ok ok i kmow “yuck”. But it really wasn’t. Itbwas just me sitting on the toilet masturbating. Which felt incredible! Just rubbed my clit til i came all over my hand. And then licked it all off o...

May 27, 2023

Spread Wide

i put my legs up on my high bed and sat on a chair next to it, this is actually a really great position! Easy access and spread wide open. Fucked myself with the glow in the dark dildo until i ma...

May 14, 2023


This request was to sit up on my bed with legs spread, tits out of course, lots of boob play and fuck myself. It was fun, love to play with my boobs with oversized (i think) nipples. That’s why t...

May 11, 2023

Chair/button up shirt

Daddy likes the down the shirt look, so did a little photo shoot for Him, He liked it so much He wanted me to wear one in the chair, so, that’s what i did, buttoned down a bit, tits out, i played...

May 08, 2023


Wearing dark green eye makeup, and dark green lips 💋. Also green and black lingerie with tits out, i used my hands free dildo/clit stimulator vibe. i love the hands free toys so i can get off eas...

May 05, 2023

Nipple things!

i put things on my nipples that suck my nipple into it, i was in Daddy’s chair again, this time with my glow in the dark dildo. So, with tits out and those on my nipples i fucked myself with the ...

May 05, 2023

Nipple things!

i put things on my nipples that suck my nipple into it, i was in Daddy’s chair again, this time with my glow in the dark dildo. So, with tits out and those on my nipples i fucked myself with the ...

May 04, 2023


In Daddy’s chair, tits out and marked, moon nipple rings, black and red lingerie, makeup done. i fucked myself with a plastic rootbeer bottle. It wasn’t the best, it wouldn’t go in as deep as id ...

April 29, 2023

Quick Catch Up

Missed some, a lot has been going on in my life lately.. All 4s… this one was with tit out and hanging, just the way He likes it New Toy… this one was with a new toy I got, the toy really sucke...

April 10, 2023

Dos Equis Bottle

This one was fun. First i played with my clit and made myself very wet. Tits out of course, then inserted the bottle and fucked myself with it, pushing it deep into me over and over again, when ...

April 10, 2023

In the chair

In the chair i returned, tits out, legs spread.. fuckung myself with a glow in the dark toy until reaching orgasm and squirting on the chair, it felt good to cum after edging for a few days. i ru...

April 05, 2023


This one wasn’t a favorite, but it was not for me. First i put in a plug. Then, wearing a simple pink nighty with hearts on it, and nothing else, i laid on my back, legs open, tits out, and playe...

April 01, 2023


This time i put pillows and a blanket on the floor. i used turned on and inserted my favorite hands free toy. i then used the remote to start its sucking and vibrations. Finding the perfect setti...

March 30, 2023

Daddy's Chair? 😏

Well, this was something very different for me. Daddy had requested His chair, but in a different way. i put on purple makeup and purple/black lingerie, tits out of course. i put a condom on one ...

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