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  • July 6, 2014, 5:07 a.m.
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After several weeks, during which I was either applying for jobs or studying for interviews, I have finally been free to not do anything!

It still isn't common knowledge but I've finally been offered a job, and I've accepted, to start in September.

So woohooo to that! I've wanted to give up childminding for a couple of years and finally am able to!! I've actually started looking around the house, imagining it without stuff!

So we had a lovely, normal, day. It started, as Saturdays usually do, with swimming lessons. Lila seems to have gone backwards, we're trying to figure out what's going on. She has her 20 meter swimming badge (approximately 60 feet) but now she seems unable to swim more than three strokes before putting a foot down and kicking off again. Ho hum.

After a trip to Morrison's for weekend food, we were packing it away when Rich broke his toe.

It was yet another alcohol related bone break... Some of you may remember the amusing broken ribs story from four years ago when he went out with his mates to celebrate his fortieth birthday... The morning after he was in agony and told me that they'd been to a restaurant called Cosmo the night before and he'd fallen down the stairs on the way out of the toilets. I looked at him and said "there aren't any stairs in Cosmo!" It turned out that it wasn't so much stairs as waaaaaaaay too much alcohol! I did look after him but took every opportunity to take the piss too!

This particular alcohol related bone breakage (although we think it's just cracked) was because he tried to put his beer on a shelf to have it fall off and land on his foot... Poor bloke did brilliantly by saying absolutely nothing offensive! I grabbed the bottle, which was spinning around spraying froth everywhere, and put it in the sink while telling Rich to sit down. I got him an ice pack from the freezer (yes, I always have ice packs ready to go) and cleaned up the spillage.

So that meant the day would be spent inside, and we made the most of it.

Rich spent the day on the sofa watching various sorts on tv including the Tour de France going through Yorkshire. Thoroughly enjoyed by both of us since we're both Yorkshire natives :-)

Me and the girls pottered around, I got the laptop out to print off the medical form that I need to fill in for my new job as well as fill in the info for my DBS (disclosure and barring service) check. I, obviously, didn't get any leave while doing this so I was answering in-depth questions, spelling words and explaining the meaning of words while writing what my asthma medication is and putting in my place of birth and national insurance number etc... I then noticed a visitor in Lila's hair... time for the essential oil hair-visitor treatment.

Talaia asked if she could use Word after I'd finished, and she wrote an article. This was with no help at all!


Of course, Lila wanted to write a story too. This was with a certain amount of spelling help.


Then I was able to relax in my kitchen. I've wanted to make this sugar free lemon pudding for weeks, but every spare second has been spent on new-job stuff.


If you're interested, the website is

Of course, I injured myself too, while opening the coconut milk!


Whaddaya mean you can't see nuttin'? That thar is a slice in my thumb and it bloody hurts!

The kids played in the garden for a while, balancing on the rocking horse (that I'm going to sell) and jumping over the slide (that I'm going to sell!) flinging the frisby over the fence again and again so that they could go out and get it, I cleaned up the kitchen and made some food for them. While they ate I ran the bath.

Talaia's hair is free from the lice circus but Lila - holy Moly, they must have been there for a couple of weeks!! Bad mummy! Seriously, each pull through with the nitty gritty brought another two or three lice and a plethora of eggs!! I spent an hour combing through, much to Talaia's annoyance, since she was in bed and supposed to be sleeping by the time I'd finished with Lila's hair! I'm going to go through it again in the morning, and shortly I'm going to do my own. Boooo! We've never had them before, and suddenly the second time in three months!! S'not fair!

So, a nice and relaxing day with no underlying nagging that I should be reading school policies, writing applications or practicing maths sats tests!

~Twinkle~ July 06, 2014

Poor Rich and boo about the lice, but otherwise sounds like a good day! You have mini authors in the making :) xxx

Deleted user July 06, 2014

Holy Moly Talaia really has a way with words! I am impressed! For her age, that's a powerful writing piece! :-)

Oh man, hope Rich's toe heals fast... and your finger too :-P

Lis July 06, 2014

that looks like an interesting recipe! hope all injuries heal up well. xx

Deleted user July 06, 2014

Congrats on the forthcoming position!

May fingers and toes heal quickly.

thesunnyabyss July 06, 2014

congrats again about the job, you are so awesome!!!

sorry to hear about Rich's toe, poor guy,

and ugh, lice, Lala suffered with it unmercilessly, it didn't seem to matter how careful we were, Will never seemed to get it, we didn't really get rid of it until we cut her hair really short, I don't think they like short hair much, it's drastic, but it worked, good luck!

hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!

ElvenAssassin July 07, 2014

Good mummy for helping with the story :)

I hope Rich heals quickly.

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