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  • March 1, 2023, 5:33 p.m.
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A bit of a contrast with the snow in the last post. I did take this today, in a spot that I have been watching for weeks looking for signs of spring.

When I went out in the weak sunshine, walking on the soggy thawed ground I stopped to talk to the workmen who were finally back working on my wall and they told me that they can’t finish the external wall until, get this they take all the kitchen cabinets out, and open up the interior wall to check to see if there is any water damage down to the joists.

We were just waiting on you to move out to start the work.

Um. Did you say, moving out? Yes, they are going to put you in another apartment for the five days or more it is going to take to do the tear out and rebuild.

I am so frustrated with this I am beginning to think moving might not be out of the question. Of course, I pay under market because I have been here over 13 years.

Too bad I have been happier here than most places I have ever lived.

A couple hours later I talked to the manager of the project. She said, oh I am so sorry you heard about it this way.

Yeah, I bet she is. When exactly was she thinking of telling me? You can work in a coffee shop she says. Oh, wouldn’t that be nice for them.

I think I have negotiated a few weeks to get ready and the use of another apartment to cook in and teach in. And take Carlo to. This whole thing kind of freaks me out.

Packing up the whole kitchen was not on my fairly busy agenda for the next month. She indicated it would be lovely if I had a vacation coming up.

Oh well. Like Steve Winwood says…

… I guess I will just roll with it. Baby.

Last updated March 01, 2023

Loki March 01, 2023

Absolutely gorgeous picture!

That is insane about the communication fail that they would tell you this information about needing to move out after they had already started the work. . . Isn't this something that they ought to have told you before they took on the job? People baffle me.

I hope everything goes well and there's no more stress or unwanted surprise ahead {hugs}

Jinn March 02, 2023

That is awful. And so inconsiderate. Most people would find it a big hardship to have to pack everything up in a kitchen so quickly . I am sorry you have to deal with that .

mcbee March 03, 2023

The relocation for them to work in your apartment....well that just sounds like my idea of hell. I should think they would be giving you a discount on your rent during all this construction for the major inconvenience. Anyway, I am sorry you have this coming up and wish I could think of a way to make it better for you.

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