Right in the truth in Those Public Entries

  • Feb. 25, 2023, 5:06 p.m.
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Brought to you by Tennessee Republicans banning drag shows, because the crowd that likes to sneer about “liberal snowflakes” being offended by everything are so threatened by women, LGBTQIA+ people, pronouns, breakfast cereals, and fucking LEGOs, that they have to make anyone who offends them illegal.

And just so we’re clear on this: If you’re going to use my comments section to be an “edgy shitlord”/transphobic POS, I’ma block you. (I’d report you, but we all know Josh is AWOL.) If you were actually as cool and smart and funny as you think you are, you wouldn’t have to resort to punching down on the most marginalized people in society.

Last updated February 25, 2023

fjäril February 25, 2023

what I don't understand is how some of these Republicunts mock "liberal snowflakes" as being so "gentle" or "fragile" when it's those in in red who are cutting out people who seem to offend their own agendas. like really, who are the "fragile" ones again?

Park Row Fallout February 27, 2023

Current GOP is Lord King Projection. They are snowflakes and fly off the handle over imagined offenses. But they are deluded and toxic, so they can't admit it. Thus, blame everyone else for the things they ARE. "Acknowledging LGBTQIA is pedophile grooming!" Donald Trump bragged about trying to see teenage girls naked and Matt Gaetz is almost a shortcut punchline. "CRT is indoctrination!" Despite what they call CRT simply being "acknowledging non-white history" thereby, banning what they call CRT is indoctrination. Repeat on everything.

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