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  • July 3, 2014, 10:53 a.m.
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My mom invited me over on Friday. I am pretty sure my sister will not be there, but there is a chance she could be. Usually with these things my sister absents herself because of me. Or if she is there she will just be dully punching buttons on her phone. I get the fact that I am being ignored even if she is there. I would have to be pretty thick not to get it at his point. If she thinks she is hurting me by not being there, she is so wrong. I would much rather see my parents without her there.

The whole atmosphere with her in it, is just so awkward and tense. The first thing that always happens is she shoots me dirty looks. Then she might struggle to get out a hello, and then nothing. She goes back to fiddling with her phone. Maybe two or three small words will be said. And she will find someway to rub in the fact that she has a child and I don't. That will the be the extent of our communications.

I am always nervous that she is going to flip out on me. Like she is going to want to have a screaming match. But I just can't participate in it. I won't. I will be darned if I let her have one drop of control over my emotions. I have let that happen all to frequently in my life.

I will walk away. I will leave.

Cat Mommy July 03, 2014

Good. It's the right thing to do! :)

thesunnyabyss July 03, 2014

I agree, it's the right thing to do,

big hugs

MemoryFails July 03, 2014

Can't help but agree with the other noters! (hugs)


Lepetit pumpkinesque July 05, 2014

Good thinking

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