Millennials, Atemporality, and What Does "Adult" Even Mean Anymore? in Those Public Entries

  • Feb. 11, 2023, 9:36 p.m.
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Original Twitter thread here. Images from BoredPanda. This is from 2018, but I think it all still applies.

fjäril February 11, 2023

all too true!!

Camdengirl February 12, 2023

All this… I had pretty much this exact conversation with a friend the other day - by the time our parents were our age, they had proper family homes, stable income and career advancement opportunities. We have none of those things. The boomers refuse to retire or pay us decently because there are so many of them enjoying management salaries, they can’t afford to pay the workers a living wage.

Firebabe February 13, 2023

This is fascinating. I'm a solid Gen Xer, but I remember having a very similar conversation with my mom when I was getting into my late 30's, and getting ready to get married. I was like, Well, guess I'm sort of grown up now." This led to a discussion where I said that the reason I never really felt "grown up" was because I had never done the milestones of adulthood. I didn't get a job doing anything I studied in college. I didn't have a house (too expensive in CA). And I didn't want kids.

I'm secretly delighted that I was very much on track with my thought processes on this. I also feel worse for Millenials because it IS much worse than I even considered. I was just looking at it from an unconventional life-track experience, but these guys are dealing with a generational burden that's insane.

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