Day 16 (16th Jan): Buenos Aires in Antarctica and Argentina Travel log

  • Jan. 25, 2023, 1:28 p.m.
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For the last day in Buenos Aires, we have a direct redeye back to New York at 10pm. So we actually have a whole day to spend. We got late checkout at our hotel, and spent the morning walking around the Puerto Madero district, since New Hip Company has an office there and it was walking distance from our hotel. We went early in the morning, around 9:30, so it hadn’t started getting hot yet. We’re kind of familiar with the area since we’d passed by it the past two days already. The office itself isn’t that big, and the security guards there told me exactly where we were allowed to go, which was just the public areas - some conference rooms, and the cafeteria. Which doesn’t leave a lot, but it was nice to have a place to stop at, cool off, and get a drink. We walked along the river, all the way to the Women’s Bridge and Casa Rosada and then back to New Hip Company office cafeteria. Unfortunately it wasn’t lunch time yet, so we did not get free lunch.

We got back to the hotel around noon, then showered and got lunch at the mall next door. Then we just waited around for the car service to pick us up at 3:30 - it was too hot and humid to do any more sightseeing, and we feel like we’ve already seen enough. At this point we were already picking up our ‘at home’ behaviour - La Professeure was dealing with work e-mails, I’m dealing with tasks for the non-profit.

We got to the airport early, at 4pm, at which point American Airlines check in lines hadn’t even opened yet. We again sat around again, and read, or watched Match Of The Day on my laptop, got a steak dinner at Outback and coffee at starbuck. We finally boarded the plane 6 hours later. It was quite a smooth process, and we got some much-needed lazy time after this vacation.

On the plane, I didn’t get to sleep much - it was much more crowded than on the way down there. I caught up with a few Match of The Days, so the time really passed quickly.

The backside of Casa Rosada:

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