Day 15 (15th Jan): Tigre Delta in Antarctica and Argentina Travel log

  • Jan. 25, 2023, 5:46 p.m.
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Today was our last full day in Buenos Aires. We have a full day tour to go to the Tigre Delta. It was a smooth operation once we found our guide, which was tricky - the tour agency didn’t give us much information to go on other than saying “show up at this pier at 9:40”. So we showed up and found a gated parking lot, the guide helpfully pointing us to a ferry company, whose staff had to puzzle over our reservations before they realized we were with the tour company, and then fetched our guide. I think the handoff should have been handled better. Our group would take a ferry from Puerto Madero, sail straight into the Tigre delta, do scenic cruising there, and then drop us off at Puerto Frutos, and then we would take the train back. The tour company cut out the visit to San Isidro, because of issues with the train. That was just as well - it would have involved gawking at people’s mansions, but it would have been nice know earlier,

There was one other couple on the tour, retired RVers, who also had just visited Antartica. The ferry was nice - it could operate on the harbour going up to the delta, and once in the delta it worked as a tour boat. It was an interesting area; it reminded the RVer couple of the Florida everglades, but reminded me of floating markets in Thailand. We got to the delta and spent half an hour at Puerto de Fruto and were amused by the amusement park. It was rather packed and hot because it was a Sunday, and we were done after 20 minutes. The stores there were selling arts and crafts, and some selling snacks, nothing we couldn’t find on a Long Island craft market. We got lunch at a fancy Italian place, and then it was time to go back. Due to no visit to San Isidro, we got back to the train, around 3, and then back to Buenos Aires around 4:30. We hunted for a working ATM to get pesos - La Professeure has been tipping with $20 USDs for $20 USD meals because we ran out of small bills - then putzed around a little and went next door to Galeria Pacifico (basically a shopping mall) food court to get dinner. A big step down from cruise ship meals, but much more at my comfort level.

On related news, I think my sore throat is now on the mend. I can’t tell I have it most of the time now.

Island school at Tigre Delta:

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