Day 0 (31st Dec): New York in Antarctica and Argentina Travel log

  • Jan. 17, 2023, 3:27 p.m.
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We left home on an Uber at 4:30 to go to JFK, but driver early and arrived at 4. So we got to airport with plenty of time (around 5). Terminal 8 is much better than Terminal 2. Security was only 15 mins, though I was hoping for 5, this being New Years Eve. We had a drink first because the sit-down restaurants were crowded at 5:30, and we really don’t want COVID before an Antarctica trip. By 6:30 it was more reasonable, but we went to our gate, which was like an island in the middle of the tarmac, it seems. Luckily there is a restaurant that looks like a deli in that part of the terminal. We managed to sit down at 7, just when the restaurant closes. I read OD and read the Thomas Quasthoff’s book till we boarded on time at 9:15. It took no time because the plane was maybe 20% full, maybe even 15%. But we were delayed by more than an hour to wait for connecting passengers. We took off at around 11pm, but got to Buenos Aires on time the next day. Because the flight was under-booked, we got a whole aisle to ourselves and slept flat. La Professeure even had a dream. I only laid down for 4 hours though, between food, book, podcasts, and Match of the Day, there isn’t much time left for sleeping!

Between the sparsely seated plane, fast security, we joked that we should only travel on major holidays from now on.

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