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  • Dec. 7, 2022, 8:08 p.m.
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Always looking for interesting background shots. This was after the big fall on Saturday. I am fine. My lip is more annoying than anything. It scabs and peels but doesn’t hurt all the time. Piece of cake compared to the dental surgeries.

I could barely look at the news last night. The idea of Walker winning confounded me. And the Georgia senate race was so close. It feels like as a polity we are on the very edge of insanity some days. Big relief that what I see as reason panned out.

Diego has been doing so well but had a bad patch over the weekend. Then whatever it was, Carlo had it yesterday and now after feeling better Diego is sick again. I know I have said this before, sorry, but he gets so clingy when he is not feeling well.

We all had a rough night last night. My heart was being wonky and that is so scary. I barely slept. Good thing I am not doing anything critical today other than teaching. There is a luncheon and musical concert at church today, but I had already decided not to go.

With inflation, everything is going up and normally I would be okay with this all but one of the yoga organizations I belong to “accidentally” charged me $400 in error and I spent a chunk of time getting that fixed in the last two days. It is resolved for now but might manifest again in February. Like everybody else’s, my heating bill was a bit of a shock. So, there is money fretting.

Also, I am going up to Seattle in three weeks to hang with Miss E., her boyfriend, and her mother, my niece, for a few days. The logistics around cat care are complicated and it is a big coming out of isolation moment for me. There are a number of touch points to fret about there.

I am taking the whole last week of the year off from teaching. I need this. I love teaching but one needs a break now and then.

The combination of the fall and the luck of it all and trying to decide last night if I was having a heart attack or a stroke made me realize just how darn precarious everything in my life is. I know this, but there is knowing and there is knowing.

And I know it is alarming to even talk about. It makes the people that care about me understandably anxious. I will ask for help when I need it. As long as I am aware enough to know I need it. And I do have a cardiologist.

Saturday I am doing a little Christmas shopping at the local Audubon Wild Arts Festival. It is being held close by again this year. Yay. Last year it was everyone masked and vaccination cards at the door. This year it is all optional.

Sunday I am taking a three-hour rest and restore workshop via Zoom. That is just the ticket. Like a mini vacation from all the cares.

The snow only lasted the one day, but it was icy the next. This is by far my least favorite weather pattern. Now we are headed for a number of days of rain. At least it won’t be freezing except for a brief dip at night.

Mrs. Sherlock who has told me twice in the last two months that she does not in fact enjoy snowshoeing is going snowshoeing on Saturday. She is incorrigible. Her friends (the crazy overachiever ladies) talked her into it.

I am going to take a nap, or at least rest and find a way to think happy thoughts.

We all have bad nights. I am hugely relieved mine ended well. And just think, I don’t have to debate with myself the cost of not going to a work Christmas party vs. the dubious benefit of being seen as a “team player”. Ha!

Jinn December 08, 2022

Sorry you had that scary night. I hope it does not happen again.

mcbee December 09, 2022 (edited December 09, 2022)


I know that worries about health and our fur babies can make life a little miserable sometimes, but you tend to be upbeat and I always like the way you find the positive in things.
Re: the Walker/Warnock thing...I live in GA. I went to vote last week in early voting. I was standing in line, looking around me at the people, and thinking they all looked like reasonably nice ordinary people. Certainly they wouldn't seriously vote for Walker? Right? When I saw how close the election was, I wanted to cry. There seems to be this need for people to just vote party, no matter the candidate. I would never do that. Anyway, it turned out well.....and then attention seeking, trouble making Krysten Sinema decides to go rogue. So annoying.
Feel better!

noko mcbee ⋅ December 09, 2022

Thanks, I am feeding much better. Guess the fall shook me up more than I knew. I was thinking about you over the last week and how overwhelming the election stuff must have been. One can hope that Sinema will at least vote for judicial appointments with the Democrats.

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