This One Broke Me in These Foolish Things

  • Dec. 1, 2022, 10:44 p.m.
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Maybe getting on here to type out an entry is a habit now after doing it all of November?

I’m down again. Got the blues something awful. I was keeping something to myself until I’d manifested it into success. I was already plotting the entry I’d write when I could surprise Prosebox with the incredible news!

Alas, it didn’t happen.

Remember way. back when, several entries ago, I wrote about having to sign an NDA in order to get a job interview? Turns out, it was with an AMAZING company that’s in the Home Decor space and they currently make one type of product. They have licensing deals with ALL of the top designers and celebrities who mean anything to interior design.

They were looking for a Design Director to help build a whole new furniture, lighting and accessories line (yes, this is a different company than the one that wanted me to move), and I’d gotten myself an interview with the Head of Merchandise earlier this week.

Not only that, their offices are about a MILE from The Treehouse!! No relocation required - I could actually walk to work!

I had what I thought was a very good Zoom interview with the Head of Merchandise (who sits in Chicago, so we couldn’t meet in person at the offices), though I’ve spent the last couple of days ruminating on ways I could have stated a couple of points better. I know I explained The Line That I Created (TLTIC) at my last job quite well, and I knew I had all the skills they were looking for.

However, about two hours after my conversation with the Head of Merchandise, I saw that the company had posted the job description on LinkedIn!

Like, WTF. Fuck.

So I tried to get in touch with the recruiter who’d reached out to me to begin with and she told me that she was super busy yesterday and she finally reached back out to me today, telling me that they are not moving forward with me because they really need someone who has more experience in Home Decor.


TLTIC is 100% Home Decor! It’s just that it was created for PETS and not humans, but I’d sourced human furniture factories and human textile mills and all of the components of TLIC was for humans…only smaller! It’s like creating a line of children’s home decor products. IT’S THE SAME THING!!

My downfall is that I guess I didn’t get that point across. And I guess my former company is not a “legit” home decor company - it’s a pet products company that happened to have someone who built home decor-specific product (that doesn’t count apparently).

And now.

I’m finally crying.

This is the straw that broke the dam. I know that’s a mixed metaphor, but goddammit. I was so fucking excited about this one.

I needed this.

I neeeeedddedddd this.

What am I going to do?

(that’s rhetorical - PLEASE don’t give me advice now or ask me have I tried this or that…the answer is YES!!! I HAVE TRIED ALL OF YOUR SUGGESTIONS ALREADY! I do not need you to tell me what you think I should fucking do)


Perpetually Plump December 02, 2022

I'm sorry!!! What poop heads!!!

Jinn December 02, 2022

Just sending you supportive thoughts. You are entitled to feel angry and frustrated. Hugs.

echopod December 02, 2022

I’m so sorry! So frustrating.

Nash December 02, 2022

yeesh. Very disappointing.

Complicated Disaster December 02, 2022

*hugs* <3 xx

At Last December 02, 2022

I’m so sorry

bobbi01 December 02, 2022

Total bummer.

Elaine Benes December 02, 2022

Oh I’m so sorry.

a girl thinking December 02, 2022


Athena December 02, 2022

What?! This is the worst! You are perfect for that job. PERFECT, dammit! I am so so sorry.

kansasgirl December 02, 2022

What an awful blow. That has to be so frustrating!

Fawkes Gal December 02, 2022

Damnit. :-(

WhatDreamsMayCome December 02, 2022

I wish there were words to say.
Sending good wishes.

plushcreep December 03, 2022

Their loss, though that's little consolation, I know.

pandora December 03, 2022

Goddamn!! You are perfect for that job!

colder December 03, 2022

Argh. They do not know what they are missing!!

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