Day 3 in Groovy's Life 1

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  • March 1, 2018, 1 a.m.
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Hello, so it is dark in the rabbit hole.

Wanting to get out but at the same time wanting to stay or even go deeper, what must I do? Do I ask for help? Must I do anything at all?

These are just a few questions I asked myself.

After my father passed on, I did not grieve, I stood up and took the reins of the family and tried my best to keep life going.

Was it hard? Hell yes and it still is.

I miss him every day.

I do my best every day and somehow it does not seem good enough.

I kept myself busy with work or rather drowned myself in work and found means to cope.

My personal life was falling apart, my physical and mental health was deteriorating but I kept pushing and pushing. Just so that I did not have to deal with any sort of heartbreakā€¦

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