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  • Nov. 23, 2022, 9:52 p.m.
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Hi again.

My brain since that last entry has calmed down greatly. Its now just running at a normal mile every 5-6 minutes. Its not spinning, its not going crazy and not going nuts.

That being said my anxiety is really still high. Like 13\10 or so.

I am at about an 80% sure I am bisexual. Even if I’m not and the 20% noms the 80% i’ll be a better LGBTQIA ally.

This being said, trying to find a guy to even go out on a date in my area is akin to unicorn hunting. Someone needs to be okay with me being a Greysexual Ace. (no boinking 95% of the time) and where I live? That’s even more challenging. Ill awkwardly look but this journey isn’t even close to being at an end. I’m just more peaceful with this.

I did find a bi grey ace on the one subreddit I’m frequenting saying If i just wanted to talk for advice, to contact them. That lasted for 15 minutes. Got ghosted. Blah. But whatever.

I’ve had some rocks to talk to when it comes to this, and i’ll always be eternally grateful for their friendship and awesomeness.

So that’s an update. I joined Hive social, and tried to find some people to follow, but so far the horny is almost too much to bear. I hope I blocked the unnecessary doodles and hoohahs. I don’t mind looking at lewds, but they have to be on my terms.. and not even doodles and hoohahs, and that is just for release.

Ahem. Sorry TMI there.

In other news my brother is an idiot. He never told my mom of his plans for Tomorrow, and friday my niece is doing something, and surprise. I’m going to thanksgiving dinner late friday, killing any plans I had. I blame my brother for this. He could of just told my mom that things would be ok for tomorrow. He is just being an unstubborn jerkwad. I came to the conclusion he just doesn’t have a soul. And not like legion from mass effect. I don’t like thanksgiving. I like food. I don’t like my family outside my mom. I just want it to be saturday. Its a game day, and its not gonna be Thursday or friday. On the bright side, I can watch football tomorrow and the Oppression cup on both days (Ill watch USA england for sure)

While i’m okay with my sexuality (I might do a flip out if idiot starts spouting anti LGBTQ stuff like he has in the past) i’m just a bit moopy.

That is all.

Keelah Selai.


Edit: LOL the person messaged me on reddit like after my bath so it wasn’t a ghost. (I messaged them a couple days ago, and just got a reply today after a long delay. Oh well. Anxiety IS GO)

Edit the second: I want to find some bi flag socks, because since i’m quasi closeted I want to find something cool to express myself, and I didn’t like any of them on amazon (I babbled about this on the remains of twitter and amazon help actually replied to me I had to explain it was a me thing not an amazon thing) I saw a couple cool ones on etsy alongside some nice ace ones (I’d mix them if i ever got both) so who knows, but socks are cool.

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