Key players in my peeps - a glossary

  • Nov. 9, 2022, 6:26 p.m.
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M - My husband. We met in 2006, started dating in 2007, and married in 2014. He is the least complicated part of my life. He’s incredible. I never knew marriage could be this good.

Red - An acquaintance from high school, while we travelled in adjacent friend groups, we weren’t friends. But we kept running into each other, and then social media happened and we kept in touch a little more, and then I moved to the province she lived in, and I extrovertedly insinuated my way into her introverted life and friend group, and the rest is history. We are opposite sides of the same coin. And while I’ve been struggling to do our friendship justice since just before the pandemic, she is worth the effort.

Bastet - A friend from a different life. We met through a mutual friend (her bf at the time), and got on like gangbusters. We had an intense friendship that became love, which became a problem when I told her she shouldn’t marry her bf and she couldn’t handle her feelings (her words), so we stopped talking. We lost touch completely, no social media, no email, no phone number, just gone. A few years later she happened to be somewhere M was - which is a whole story in itself considering she lived across the country and other weird “fate*-like factors - and through him we reconnected. We’ve been sexually involved with each other - the three of us - at different times over the course of our friendship and love and romance. She’s a beautiful soul. And I love the fact that I am responsible for her sexual awakening.

The Muppet - Seriously, the human embodiment of all that is good and pure about the Muppets. And he has floofy hair that makes him even look like one. A friend since high school, everyone thought we were together, but we weren’t. There was some seriously repressed sexual tension, but we’ve never been together. We love each other deeply and fiercely despite time and distance and completely different lives. I could not speak to him for the rest of my life and that wouldn’t change the place he has in my heart.

The Odd Lady, The Odd Fellow, The Odd Couple - The Odd Lady and I have been friends since we were 15. In high school it was often insinuated that we were a couple. And then one day, while waiting to play a prank on her brother, we ended up making out while hiding in a cabinet. She met The Odd Fellow in 2000, they worked together, and together they make The Odd Couple. So called because they’ve been together forever, they were engaged, they had a date set, but they never went through with the wedding, and that was 13 years ago.

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