Wicked Good Wednesday in Life

  • June 19, 2014, 2:36 a.m.
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alt text Monday June 16, 2014

Good Things I did for me

Biked 10.8 miles in 30 minutes. Rowed 4200 meters

Stayed in calorie range

Tue June 17, 2014

Good Things I did for me

Stayed in calorie range

Ran 10 miles

alt text


Gina, Lainie, and I went to Grandma’s today. Gina’s mom and dad met us there. Lainie was pretty quiet on the ride up but after lunch she got all wound up. I let her Grandma’s spend time with her since I get to see Lainie alot more than they do. When you ask Lainie a question she thinks is silly she has a way of saying no that lets you know what a silly question it was. Gina had a battle getting Lainies shoes and socks on when we went into town for lunch. We had just got the footwear on her when five seconds later she announced Mama I took my shoes and socks off, and in case she didn't hear us she told us again. Gina and I reminisced at all the good food Grandma used to make for lunch in the summers on the farm. Skillet tan taters, garden fresh green beans, garden fresh corn on the cob, garden fresh tomatoes, and a good roast beef to top it all off. Yum. At ninty Grandma doesn't have that kind of energy in her anymore but she did make pecan rolls. On the way home GIna and I had a really nice talk after Lainie went to sleep. Reminded me of the olden days back before she had a husband and baby. She told me she doesn't want anyone to go to the hospital and wait while the baby is born. She thought she had a terrible “birth experience” with Lainie and she thought part of the problem was worrying about her parents worrying about her. Not to mention how offended Kenny was that her parents didn't seem to feel they could trust Gina in Kenny’s hands. I’m not a parent but I’m pretty sure when your daughter is in labor her husband is just going to be the jack ass who knocked her up to pretty much every parent out there. I told Gina she should go with the first part of the argument and not the part about Kenny. The whole “birth experience” talk makes me want to roll my eyes. I

Good Things I did for me

Hill workout

Did not eat any candy at Grandma’s

Visited family and ate off plan but didn't throw out the baby with the bath water by binge eating when I got home.

Gratitudes Saw a egret

alt text

Deleted user June 19, 2014

Both the births of my kids were great experiences. All natural; no drugs; no ultra sounds in those days so their gender was a surprise when born. I wanted more but ex-hubby did not. As it turned out they gave me 5 grandchildren each! :-)

Ragdolls June 19, 2014

Squidobarnez June 20, 2014

Lainie sounds like such a cutie.

I hope you're having a lovely now.


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