How in To Whom It May Concern

  • Sept. 22, 2022, 10:29 p.m.
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Can you love someone who doesn’t outwardly show you the love that you deserve. You’re the most affectionate and loving person I know. He gives you none of what you need, yet you still stay. We cuddle more with one another than he has ever cuddled you, and I’m your best friend. We used to talk about our future spouses together and you always wanted a partner who would be your best friend. He told you he doesn’t like you enough to be your friend… I held you when you cried and yet you still stayed. This man went behind your back and got a paternity test for your youngest son.. not because he doubted he was the father but for his own peace. You’re not the same goofy chick that I’ve always known, loved and cherished. You’re more serious and call that growth. I haven’t seen a smile reach your eyes in months baby girl. You seem sad or distant all the time.

I miss the happy you, the confident, fearless, laughs at her own jokes version of you back. You may love him honey, but does he really love you?

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