Fewer Arrows, More Wood in Trichotomy

  • Sept. 11, 2022, 10:47 a.m.
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Screwed over by the freeze

This week I learned that the education department’s headcount was finally unfrozen, but it went to someone else… It seems that someone else interviewed for the role while the freeze was going on, and she was a better fit. So now I’m back to square one. On one hand, I’m very irritated by the timing, on the other hand, I was quite hesitant to take on the role because of all the configuration work that I’d have to be doing, so maybe the manager sensed that, and it is for the better that somebody else took the role.

At least the company is still investing in the education area. There are new full-stack roles there (in other teams) that have opened up - guess the hiring unfreeze is happening everywhere now - that looks interesting and I will try for. I also ran into the tech lead in my old team on Tuesday, and as soon as I mentioned how unimpressed I am by my current team’s management, he jumped into a long spiel about the ongoing project in Maps. I’m flattered, and the projects sound interesting but not enough that I would leave my current role for it.

Also on Tuesday, I met with an ex-teammate and she is also looking to change teams, so at least I have a buddy.

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Build The Wall

We let our rabbit out of the pen whenever we are in the living room, so he is used to free roaming around. But at night or when we go out, we lock him back inside the pen, which is only 1 or 2 square meters big. Sometimes we would find evidence of him trying to break out of the pen. So we got more fences now, enough to build a wall across our living room, where we can bunny proof the side he is in. We also got the fence to replace the beer wall too.

From now on, we are living in his space rather than him in ours.

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Fewer concerts

We had our first amateur group concert yesterday. There were only 8 performers, but very full attendance. Maybe it was because the Carnegie Hall performers have our program photo shoot, so it artificially inflated the numbers? In any case, it’s good to see so many new faces show up. I am beginning to think the automated sign up tool is having a good impact. Next month’s concert is now all booked up. The only downside is our current organiser (the ENT pianist) won’t be here, so I’ll have to MC it myself.

The organiser also deliberately scheduled fewer concerts this season (5 instead of 10). I suspect it’s because he doesn’t have time, and also because there were some concerts that we didn’t manage to fill the program. So it’s sensible to reduce the frequency. We’ll see if people complain.

It’s only two months (!!) till Carnegie Hall concert, and I haven’t gotten back to practicing regularly yet. Since we got back from Europe, it’s been one injury after another. Last week my arm was sore from inflammation (I think I slept on it wrong), and then this week I burnt my finger eating bibimbap because I forgot the bowl was heated (worth it).

I can still do slow drills on specific sections though, that’s what I should be working on anyway.

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