Sleep Came And Went in Dreams And Nightmares

  • Aug. 9, 2022, 10:06 p.m.
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Maybe thirty minutes or so I napped. I knew I was asleep ‘cause I was in that house (reoccurring location) again.

Sometimes, it’s a big, maze like mansion.

Sometimes, it’s in disrepair and falling apart.

Sometimes, it’s got every electronic device I’ve ever wanted except power adapters, remote controls and controllers are missing.

The last one makes me smile since my subconscious is fucking with me.

This time, I was trying to find a comfortable place to sleep…in my dream…

I’m really tired and looking forward to shower, food and then sleeping pills.

I’ve been thinking a lot since I got to work after reading some comments in my last entry. I think I’m going to find another psychiatrist. This is the SECOND time she’s mentioned god and the Bible. But she was really hammering it today. I think it’s unprofessional and a matter of bad taste, just rude even. I’ve been an atheist since junior high when I began to start questioning life itself. Over 25 years. Kind of a REALLY hard thing to just let go.

In summation: the licensed clinical social worker, Michelle won’t see me. Dr. Gilbert is only tossing pills and prayers at me, no actual therapy (what Michelle was for) and it costs $140 for a lousy thirty minute session (that’d I get nothing out of) since her office doesn’t accept my insurance…

I’ll call the other doctor she told me about and go on from there.

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