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  • July 29, 2022, 5:58 p.m.
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… for the one being a complete and utter douche all of a sudden to everyone in office with the exception of one of the senior partners and one jr lawyer.
I was actually surprised he came in today… He had already given me his keys yesterday, so I was half expecting him to pull a no-show today.
One of the down sides to being on the front desk as well is that I miss everything happening out back......
He’s just been so damn inconsiderate for the past like 2 weeks… Though the younger partner did tell me, there have been issues for a while, but not to this extent…


I had started this at work, and then got slammed....we were having system issues, since yesterday, and I had finally managed to get someone working on it, but was held up doing anything important and so this afternoon I was slammed playing catch up with sorting out receipts for payments and doing up bill payments, etc..
He dropped a case file on my desk to this Guess he assumed I would be taking on assistant duties instead of just reception..... It’s going to be going to the Younger partner Tuesday..

He spoke to me before he left… Saying bye, wishing me luck in everything… I returned the sentiment…but really wish he’d not gone out on such a poor performance.. there was even more drama yesterday… Such a waste.

This is all a ramble now…lol

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