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  • July 16, 2022, 11:35 a.m.
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Yay, it is starting to be dahlia on the flower clock, however one pronounces it. We’ll have at least a month of gorgeous flowers.

Speaking of flowers, because now I am totally hooked on starting seeds, Kes came up yesterday and we started seeds for Cosmos, Delphiniums, Verbascum, and Bachelor Buttons. Also, giant chard and carrots, which I will try growing in pots. I looked to see what seeds were recommended for this region now.

After she left and had to manage the terrible traffic home, (The World Track and Field events started yesterday south of here in Eugene) I Zoomed for the first time in a long time with Mrs. Sherlock. My plan was to insist that I come over this weekend and help her out with things.

One of her other friends, who is also my student, came down midweek on the train and got a hotel and took care of a medical appointment she had, but also drove Mrs. Sherlock to the grocery in Mrs. Sherlock’s car, washed and dyed her hair and did a few other things for her. She is also a retired nurse so there was a level of comfort there.

Apparently, Frieda, the poodle is walking with others but won’t go far at all without Mrs. Sherlock. I might try next weekend as Frieda really likes me and I might be able to run her a bit. Their current range now is about six blocks. Mrs. Sherlock, besides having a broken arm also has an infection in the opposite knee from sliding along the road trying to stop her fall. I heard more about the details of the accident. The did get help from a local man and a truck.

Anyway, in spite of my self-conscious paranoia about being dumped as a friend after the bizarre behavior of Charity, my neighbor and walking companion last year, she assured me that she cares and values our friendship. My time will come when she is starting rehab. We talked about that.

There are just a few more weeks of pure lazy summer with no extra curricular activities before the League stuff starts again in earnest in September. There will be a picnic in a local park the second week of August where I will meet a number of fellow members I have been interacting with for a couple of years in person. In person! What a concept. We will be outdoors and each bringing our own food so it should be Covid safe (ish).

I was just listening to Eric Holder talk about the work the suffragettes did to get the vote for women, talk about we need now to go the route of civil disobedience to re-intestate the basic rights to vote and have bodily autonomy, and a say in how my family is structured in this country.

Here is this thing I have found out about myself, as I have over these last few years (considering my radical past), how deeply I believe in the democratic experiment that is the United States.

And to realize that nice people, people considered upstanding and normal, people I have worked with and for, think they have to be civilly disobedient (with guns) to take those rights away.

I am not all riled up because someone in the media or a politician, or a religious leader is whipping up my anger by lying to me for self-serving purposes.

This is my advantage here. I am riled up because I believe everyone has the right to have their vote count, because everyone has the right to make decisions about their own bodies, and how their families are structured.

All those that come before us that have fought for these rights are who I honor and for whom I feel it is my duty to have hope.

We are not fueled by a temporary surge of anger or outrage, or moral indignation imposed from the outside to make us feel like we belong to a righteous aggrieved group. A righteous group I may add that believes violence is acceptable to impose their will on others.

Change is not easy. But it is necessary. And we will prevail. Sadly, I am afraid, as the earth itself suffers the indignities placed on it by legions of greedy grasping individuals trying to get “theirs”.

This time, we may not have time for the long game. At least not in any recognizable way. But in the meantime, I insist on having hope, celebrating the joys that come unexpectedly and attempting kindness for the rest of my time here.

And, of course growing flowers. Such big gorgeous things come from the tiniest seeds.

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woman in the moon July 16, 2022

I like your flowers and your politics.

Zipster July 20, 2022

And so many of those "righteously aggrieved commit violence in Jesus' name! I try to view it as a natural consequence of progress, just when things are becoming more honest and open and free, that scares said righteous to swing it all back to the dark ages.

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