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  • July 13, 2022, 6:09 p.m.
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I really do try to be more regular but it just did not happen. Maybe it will now.

Things are good, a lot of positives but also some negatives, of course.

My every three month cat scans and follow ups with the dr are good. The bad is I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis and the course of recommended treatment is to take prolia or evenity along with calcium and vitamin d as my vitamin d levels are low and strength training. I can (and am) doing the calcium and vitamin d. The other med, still deciding on as the negatives of taking them seem, to me at least, no better than not taking them.

Work is ok, still am working at the assisted living place Sunday and Monday evenings and that seems to work better than doing a weekend and mid-week shift. Still at the courthouse doing three and a half days and also watch my son’s kids once a week. Sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming in that I don’t have a day to myself, the weekends are just as busy, I need a day to do nothing especially since I have a pool at the apartment complex and my health allows me to utilize it unlike last year when I could not.

Both of my children and all my grands are doing well. My oldest grand just got engaged altho they are both too young, 19 and 18, but they don’t want to “sin” so.....

Jeff divorced me and I still struggle with it. He broke my heart but it is slowly healing altho it will never fully heal. I have had help in that regard in that I have met someone and he thinks I am just wonderful (😄😄). He is divorced about 10 years and Jeff and I knew him and his ex-wife as my daughter and his daughter are friends. In fact, our daughters sort of got us together, only in the way it happened and more as people to do something with. His name is bob and I will tell you how it all came about in my next entry which I promise will not be months down the road. For now, I must catch up on favs.

Jeepsy19 July 20, 2022

Yay! Sounds like there is some good things happening. I am glad you have Bob to remind you that you're awesome!
I don't blame you for not just immediately beginning Prolia. Good to think about medications like that.

ConnieK August 14, 2022

My doc put me on Aldronate (something like that) for peri-osteoporosis. My stomach couldn't handle it. Calcium & Vitamin D every day.

Bob sounds promising! I hope it works out, whether romantically or friendship. You need reminders that you are a wonderful person and that Jeff is the loser in deciding the way he did. He'll regret it one day.

Congrats and best wishes to the newly-weds-to-be. It sounds as if they are religious. I hope their church offers them a marriage course. Most are surprisingly good.

Good to hear that remission continues. Every day brings you a step closer to that 5 year mark!

Queensuzu1 ConnieK ⋅ August 15, 2022

Doing the calcium and vitamin d, see the endocrinologist next month so we shall see.

Things with Bob are going very well. I think I will always wonder about what happened with Jeff and why he couldn’t or didn’t want to find his way back to our marriage especially when I hear about bob’s marriage. I don’t think I will ever have closure in full.

ConnieK Queensuzu1 ⋅ August 15, 2022

I know what happened with Jeff. She went after him. She slathered him with attention, hung on every word, and agreed with every opinion. He had no obligations with her. She made it easy for him to fall. But here's what happens, nine times out of ten: New wifey's facade falls and he finds himself trapped. He can't go back to you (pride, burned bridges, etc), so he puts up with her flaws. Inside, he's not happy. It will take years for him to figure out he's being played, but he will. And if it runs the usual course, he'll admit it to you, but by then, he ain't looking that good anymore. Seen it over and over.

Jinn September 19, 2022

This is good news !

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