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  • June 22, 2022, 7:06 p.m.
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Today my boyfriend and I went to his chemo treatment. A later then usual appt today. We usually go around 830 or 9am. Today was 11am, its not bad, its just we get out at a better time when its early. He likes to go as early as possible. I don’t mind any time. I’m just glad to be with him by his side.
I usually bring some snacks with us. They do have some stuff there for nothing. But not a lot of variety. I like to make him happy. I also bring something to drink like water bottles with Pedialyte powder in them, or a soda or both. We’re there for almost 5 hrs, so I like to have options for our needs. Mostly his needs, because I could have coffee all day and be fine. There’s a dunkin donuts right next door to the treatment center.
I made him a big chicken sandwich today just the way he likes it. He loved it! 😊
So he ate. We were just sitting and talking. Or just on our phones.
I made an appt while we were there for his nuclear PET scan, which is next Tues. Also Monday he’s getting an echo .. If his insurance approves 🤨 ..
He’s getting a new treatment added to his chemo. Amino therapy. Its supposed to work wonders for different cancers, his included … esophageal . I don’t remember the name of the drug tho.
He gained all the weight back he lost recently from those weeks throwing up. They changed his meds and he stopped feeling so sick. He’s been really eating good for like 2 weeks!
His numbers for his bloodwork were a little low. But nothing major. They do fluctuate. And he was feeling good. They would skip the treatment if his numbers were lower.
Right now we are home and watching the Yankee game. I like watching the Yankees, but I am a diehard Mets fan. He’s one too! But since they played already, we’re watching them.
Ok, Gonna rub his back now..

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