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Today my boyfriend and I went to his chemo treatment. A later then usual appt today. We usually go around 830 or 9am. Today was 11am, its not bad, its just we get out at a better time when its ea...

Haven’t been here in awhile. I have to get in the habit of coming here again and just WRITE! Putting this in my micro blog book just seemed right for now. I do have a lot to write and catch up on...

i dont know why im posting now. im very tired and i keep missing the keys as i type. But as tired as i am, i did want to write. i have Mysteries At The Museum on… i love this show! i wanna see th...

April 28, 2016

Thursday Morning Drabble

Drinkin coffee, havin buttered toast. Watching an Unsolved Mysteries ep from DVR. I would post this in my coffee journal but i don’t feel like writing a long one now. Overcast & cool today. M...

April 25, 2016

11:00pm Sunday Night

New book. Title inspired by a blog site i belong to but haven’t been in for ages. I’m here for good. Mom watching a movie w/the boring Doris Day. So I’m busy on my tablet ignoring the film. Seein...

Book Description

For those days i don’t feel like writing a ton ..

And i use the word “Daily” and the exact number loosely ;)

Based on the website with a similar name.. ( Double the amount of space twitter gives you to post.