I feel more like myself than I've ever felt. in Stories to bide the time.

  • May 20, 2022, 2:42 a.m.
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It’s 12:34 am and I’m wrapping up some work for the evening. But I have to finish the last couple of tracks on this Kendrick album, so I figured I’d kill some time on here while I listen.

We’ve got another little baby on the way. I mean, she’s here already…just chillin in my wife…but like, she’s going to be out here in the world soon. That’s super exciting. My little man is going to have a little sister. And the older girls are super excited for another girl.

I’m killing it at work lately. So that’s great.

But that’s not really the great news that’s making me feel so much like myself.

For the first time in a decade I am making music again.
And it’s really good.
I’m super proud of it.
I made it with one of my favorite people. He lives half a country away, so we were emailing tracks back and forth.

We just released an album. It’s been 48 and a half hours and there have already been almost 700 streams on the album. Which, for a small unknown indie musical project with no marketing strategy and almost no online presence, I’m really shocked and confused as to where all these streams are coming from…but I guess I won’t question it. It’s awesome.

We don’t even play shows…obviously, since we all live in different states.

Oh yeah, there’s a second album already in the works that I’m doing with another one of my favorite people who lives in another state, so it’s going to be more emailing tracks back and forth.

That’s just how we do it these days.
Pandemic style.

I wonder if I’ll ever write about the pandemic.
I don’t know what I would say…I don’t think what I’d have to say would be received well.
The lockdowns treated us well
The pandemic treated us well
This aftermath is painful to get through…this country will probably topple because of the lockdowns and this war in Ukraine…so, there’s that.

…there’s always that.

But I can’t control that.
We have guns and food storage
That’s all we can do
Just be prepared…and make more music.

Be prepared
Build a strong family
Make more music

That’s all we can do

Well…it’s getting late and the album is coming to an end
So…yeah, I hope you’re doing well.
It was good talking to you.
I love you and I hope you’re killing it wherever you are, whatever you do.
Keep your chin up.
Hang in there.
This will all be over before you know it.
- Dane

(But there’s one of you…no, not you if you’re reading this…get over yourself…but there’s one of you, and if you created a new account and you’re reading this right now. I want you to know that you’re a fucking liar and I am more powerful than you could ever conceive in that tiny little brain of yours. I am infinite and my light WILL destroy you)

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Deleted user May 20, 2022

Congrats on the music. It always feels great to finish a fantastic tune.

Superposition Deleted user ⋅ May 20, 2022

Thanks man!

gattaca June 10, 2022

Congratulations on the baby!

We have guns and food storage
That’s all we can do
Just be prepared…and make more music.

My mind has been going down this road as of late. It's unsettling when our image of a perfect world is revealed to be imaginary.

Superposition gattaca ⋅ June 11, 2022

Thank you sir! I inherited two great bonus daughters when I married my wife, and I have known them since they were 2 and 3 years old, so they don't really remember a time when I wasn't in their life...and then we have a son together, and this will be our daughter. It's wild...living in Southern California with four kids...we're a little crazy. But aren't we all in our own way?

It's a fun time. I've got my crew.

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