Why Are We All So Angry? in Everyday Ramblings

  • May 15, 2022, 9:54 a.m.
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I ordered this mesh cold frame or what they call a mini greenhouse for my seedlings that came last week. It arrived in a box with bags of pieces that are numbered but there are no instructions. On the website it says “Fun challenge for children and adults” under assembly. Okay fine. The cats are no help at all, though they have thoroughly investigated the materials.

Yesterday I had this deep internal struggle about going to the “Bans Off Our Bodies” March. I felt like it was (and is) important to be counted in the this is most certainly not okay camp, in reference to the impending Supreme Court ruling. But my sciatica is still evident, not bad, just there, and I have a bridge that is some sort of serious trouble in my mouth. One of the anchor teeth is not okay.

It rained hard in the morning and then started to lighten up, and then there is Covid. Yes Virginia, our case rates are spiking, this stupid horrid thing with the virus is not yet over. Even though most people I know are on the move, traveling again and participating in social events. I feel like a slacker taking it so seriously.

That goes into the “needs work” column. My resistance to engaging with the outside world regularly and in person.

This time I did not make some sort of internal bargain about not going by committing to sending money to state abortion funds or contacting my elected officials. I will most likely do those things. I decided to accept being uncomfortable about not going. Things are most worrisome out there in the world right now.

There is so much anger. I am angry about things too, but as a world, it seems to me, we could all use an effective and skillful course in anger management and conflict resolution about now.

And when folks aren’t angry, they are anxious.

Don’t get me started on 18-year-old males with assault rifles, okay?

On a more personal note, there has been some sort of rupture in my friendship with Mrs. Sherlock. My guess is that she is exasperated with my resistance to being out and about in the world. Her social calendar has erupted into action with hikes, bike rides, birthday parties, meals out, plays, concerts, the whole thing. She is still coming to my morning classes but not the evening ones. I think things for her have totally amped up. She is actively planning trips that have been postponed time and time again.

At some point we will connect and talk it through. I feel sad though and miss the connection.

I did find out much to my astonishment that my Unit Leader from the League is an experienced Lindy Hopper! Maybe I can build a bridge there. Mrs. Sherlock likes to dance.

Watching the trailer for the Game of Thrones prequel, the main actor looked so familiar to me even with the long white hair and I realized (with the help of Google) that the lead is Matt Smith, who not only played Prince Phillip in The Crown but also Doctor Who. Going down that rabbit hole I found that all the seasons of the modern version of Doctor Who are available on HBO Max.

Oh boy. I stopped watching it two Doctor’s ago because it wasn’t easily available for free. So now I get to catch up and get ready for the new Doctor. I will enjoy this treasure trove of distraction. And I like having a female Doctor right about now.

Kes and Most Honorable are coming up today to hang out and help with the cold frame assembly and I am most grateful as are the cats for the extra laps.

And I have a dentist appointment Tuesday morning after class to get a filling redone and will get my bridge looked at. The prep for the new implant starts in about three weeks. Oh boy. More adventures in dentistry.

Having distraction from that will be very good indeed.

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Jinn May 15, 2022

Covid numbers are ramping up here too and I want to be less social as well ( but we do not go out much anyway ) . I definitely will be avoiding crowds .

IpsoFacto May 15, 2022 (edited May 15, 2022)


I so identify with what you wrote about anger and anger management. So many people in the cyber world in the real world seem to be just bubbling and ready to boil over and either just plain old anger or righteous indignation on behalf of “their side “whatever issue is on the table. I find it all really depressing in between Covid restrictions of the past and now John’s illness, I’m really glad to be on the self-imposed quasi-isolation. We go away on vacation on the 22nd which is not very far away. We are going to Saint Martin and even though we live in paradise here I just want a change of scenery and everything all inclusive. I might even have a drink, a piña colada or an Appletini

mcbee May 18, 2022

It's a angry making world right now.
For me that's why I still don't interact much. I don't fear the covid anymore, although I know it is there and I still mask in some places, etc. I fear just being out there with people who all seem a little meaner than I remember. But, I also notice when a mundane interaction is made pleasant and I appreciate those who make those efforts.

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