• May 6, 2022, 6:55 a.m.
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It’s a huge thank you to all of you,

Dearest Elders In The Family,

Peaceful-Loving Cousins too

for having finally seen us through.

First of all,

thank you for not wondering

why we’re so fat and skinny.

No, you can’t expect us not to be angry.

Bodyshaming is so outdated and nasty!

Let us work on our health,

without having to explain.

Thank you for not asking

The Single Us about our future weddings

or if there’s any soulmate

to sweep us off our feet

so that we’ll soon set the date.

We’re allowed to be picky,

since it’s our life, our choices to be.

Thank you for not asking

why we haven’t got children yet

after years of marriage.

Thank you for empathising

with our struggles and aches,

or accepting our choices.

We don’t need more pressures

in your questions or accusations.

Some of us may consider an adoption,

since love should also be given to orphans.

It doesn’t mean we’re less than able

to become loving parents.

Some of us are up for living childfree.

You don’t have to agree.

Just hold your tongue.

Refrain from spitting words unkind.

It’s not like you can change our minds.

Thank you for not strongly suggesting

that we should have more children

to accompany Our First Little One.

We’d like to provide a life of stability and good quality

a priority for Our Baby,

without having to borrow your money.

Caring for children is costly,

in all honesty.

Thank you for not being nosy

over our jobs and monthly salary.

If you don’t really care to help more, then what for?

Is it to compare us to your own children

or other relatives in the family?

Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Thank you for being more understanding this year

that our Eid Holiday is nothing to fear.

Thank you for your kind prayers,

that we’ll always be blessed

in many ways possible.

If we can be like this every year,

then we’d like to see you again, Dears.



A Pedestrian Wandering May 06, 2022

Now that I have reached a certain age, I shall have to be more mindful of these things.

author A Pedestrian Wandering ⋅ September 12, 2022

Me too.

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