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  • April 25, 2022, 9:52 p.m.
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..Really new to talk about.
Been hitting the gym for the last 3 weeks, min 3 days a week.
It feels good to be doing something other than moping about the weight gain. Sucks getting home so late, cause I pretty much get home the same time as D which means we don’t get supper till around 8 but I guess its good cause we’re snacking less in the evenings.
Seem to actually be making some progress, probably also helps that I am not sitting at home stuffing my face with garbage like I was for the last year, all day everyday.

N came over Saturday for a few hrs after I got done errands and such done, first time we’ve been able to catch up since out birthdays.
Not good news unfortunately with the new baby.. she may be losing another one :(

Sundays have seemed to have turned into adventure walk days.
Easter Sunday we were out for about 4 hrs, and I got some great shots at a small waterfall.
This sunday, we were out with a friend of D’s out on some trails by his new place. Haven’t edited yet, but got some shots of turtles and Red- Winged Blackbirds.
That one got cut a bit short, because the wind was brutal and cold, and the trails out his way were more open, so we didn’t really have any cover from it, making it hard to really enjoy being out. Plus M msg’d mid week saying she needed a hand moving some stuff around, and wanted to go for dinner.
Next week we have plans for another walk, with another couple, at the major nature park in the city, weather depending of course.

D came up to work on Friday, and meet me after work to go to the restaurant next door to the office.
Was SOOOOO good… sooo expensive, but good!
Everyone was gone, except for one of the two senior partners. (the one who basically hired me), and so D got to meet her, and get a tour of the office. He says he feels even more so that I made the right decision, and he only met one out of the 7 other staff, lol

I am glad to be back to work, but man does it ever interrupt the non - social life I had prior to being back… lol

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