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  • Feb. 25, 2022, 9:40 p.m.
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Welp… good thing that my regular readers are also friends on FB or inst… lol I apparently can not handle upkeep on this some days :’D
Just spent like 2 hrs playing catch up with a couple of you, only left a note or two because I hadn’t realized it had been so long…

So last update was that I was on the job hunt, and after a month or so of hunting, and 1 prospective interview with a job prospect that I was actually excited about (work from home, on a groups benefit team for a major financial company), and then finding out I DID NOT get it, and then spent may days between trying to be positive in the hunt, (and sending out TONS of resumes) and breaking down crying freaked out I would be stuck in retail forever ( come on its a valid fear! lol), a friend msg’d about a position at a office for reception. Apparently they had contacted HER office, where she’s basically in the same position to see if they knew anyone who could fill the position for them.
Well, I looked into it… It required bus travel (just under an hour each way, but that’s the downside to never getting my licence. public transport.. lol) but it was better then some of the alternatives. So i said fuck it and threw my resume in. In the mean time I was applying all over the place and not getting a single call at all.
An acquittance of ours did reach out to me about a job prospect within where he worked, dealing with an american company, something to do with scheduling sprinkler maintenance or some such, but it was sounding more sales based and I was really trying to edge back in to admin and I didn’t feel right using his offer as a stepping stone, even thought that office would have been close to home (30 min walk roughly).
Feb 3rd I popped in my application for the reception job my friend msg’d me about,
Feb 5th i was contacted to do a zoom interview on the 11th. At the end of which they did state they had other interviews to do, and would contact regardless by mid week.

Later that same day, I received an invite to an in-person second interview on the 15th!

I went, I left feeling very unconfident about it, and while msg’g hubby about such, I realized I had an email looking into booking for an interview for a data entry company that I had applied to at the same time, for the next morning! So, I arranged it.
Get home from in-person, get changed and go do errands/avon drops, and half way through the afternoon, my phone was ringing… from the reception gig.... it went to VM before I could get it.
Keep in mind, it’s been 9 years since i worked at office. And I did not hide the fact that I have not upkept a lot of my office skills, and that while I had no intention of staying in retail, I ended up being with the last job as long as I did because of the crew.

I called her back when I got home, cause it really was not a conversation to have while wandering about doing book drops and grocery shopping.
I did tell her about the booked interview for the next day, and that i was planning on taking it, but she wanted to send me the offer, and said they wanted me to start the following week!

told her I would take it.
Best wage I’ve earned to date.
The Data entry place, sounded good, downtown, so still needed to bus it, but would have been like 20 min, but the stated hours in the ad, were contradicted in the interview, so I left that one feeling like I had made the better choice going with the reception job, and D even said so too (he was off when I had the data interview, so he actually heard the whole thing).
I signed the paperwork, scanned it in and sent it back to the reception place and called it done. Job was set to start the 22nd.
two days later, I got an offer from the data entry place lol!!! wouldn’t be starting until end of the month (security / police checks and what not)… Oh, and the hours offered were what the ad stated.... and a dollar less then the reception job.
turned them down.

Two days after that got another interview offer for ANOTHER place I applied.
Turned them down.

I got my first 4 days done, and dusted this week. Just in time to, because what I thought was supposed to be my last EI report today, turned out was last week…lol oops

Working at a Law Firm is going to be a very different experience for me. VERY different.. The programs they have that I have never heard of let alone used… OMG.

I left the first day thinking WTF did I get myself into, and did I make a mistake not taking the second job offer. There is sooo much I have 0 experience with, and the other stuff, well lets just say the proverbial bike is a lil more rusty then I thought.
Second day, I basically zombied out.. my brain just couldn’t handle the workload I have been throwing at it.
yesterday and today, were more progressive and positive for me. I think today something might have finally clicked partially on some of it.
I’ve been studying the program manual for 4 days straight. lol

It will take time. I have to keep reminding myself that. I have a 90-day probationary. But I know that its not set that I have to have this thing mastered by then. Just the basics.
There have been a few different comments made by ppl in the office and externally who deal with the office hands on that have confirmed that for me

Last updated February 25, 2022

Bomb Shell March 09, 2022

Wow three job offers, go you! And escaping retail is the best news of all, I know exactly how that feels! You probably got it because you weren't feeling confident about getting it, and that probably made you more relaxed and blase about it :o)

Canadian Lass Bomb Shell ⋅ March 09, 2022

I mean I did TRY to be confident in the two interviews 😅
The data entry one I did definitely get a lil blase about because I already had this one... 🤣

LucySpinner April 11, 2022

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