Oh look another entry about my idiot brother (edit) in The Awesome Chronicles of me.

  • Feb. 21, 2022, 3:27 p.m.
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So Apparently my brother’s furnace died and he isn’t getting replaced, but here is the thing about that, so this means my niece isnt coming anymore (which hurts my mom) and the irritating sad thing is there are geckos and tarantulas there and he is basically gonna let them die instead of transporting them up here until spring like my mom and I said we would. So for no reason he is killing his daughters pets.
Someone brought up a heated terrarium or something, but knowing him we make that suggestion he’ll mumble and totally ignore it. (I know nothing about that kind of stuff TBH)
So once again my idiot brother has ruined my good day (I cleaned my desk and found 16 bucks on a applebees gift card so thats good) But.. yeah.
What a draining day emotionally.

Yeet my idiot brother into the sun.
Everyday I ask for the reapers.

Edit: So apparently, he does have heating beds for the lizard things so the only thing that will die are the tarantulas. (He didnt mention this in his first message I offered to take money out of my origins money which i’m starting soon to buy one for him for fork sake) Ive offered to keep them. And my mom had a great point, its gonna get cold again, his pipes might burst and then he’s up a creek. And to be honest he is not welcome here if that happens. Ugh.

He is doing this to his daughters pets. He is a jerk.

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