Willing to Do Things I Am Not Good At in Everyday Ramblings

  • Jan. 29, 2022, 10:36 a.m.
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Frost in the lilac garden this week.

We had a peak time event yesterday from 8 to 11 AM, where the power company encourages you to defer using energy and gives you a rebate for any reduction in your average use. They do this when we have what for us are weather extremes. I am happy to participate but it gets a little challenging when one is teaching.

After class yesterday I finished unplugging everything and picked up and looked through a magazine. You know, those glossy paper things we used to get? Well, I get the Nation too, and it isn’t glossy.

In the afternoon I participated in a League of Women Voters online discussion on our bizarre city government structure and several ideas of how to change it to make it more responsive and representative. We learned all sorts of ideas about representation and how Rank Choice Voting works and this new system that has been developed out here called S.T.A.R voting where you rate candidates on how much you like them.

It was all head-spinning and props to the folks deep into the weeds on this.

The League is an organization that is absolutely going to push me to the edge of my ability to be patient. It is all inclusive. Yesterday there was a sweet moment where one of our younger members was participating with her little boy periodically asking for attention and he, the little boy, told his mom he liked Noko’s cat.

Good job Diego!

I am learning so much about how living here works from a government standpoint. Speaking of government, a few days ago I got a jury summons. Not just any jury summons, it is one for a murder trial. Eek. They did say that it is not a death penalty case…But still…

Orientation is in three weeks. I so do not want to do this. If they don’t plea out and I get picked the trial will be in late May and April. I can’t hire a sub to teach my classes, so I am thinking through various options I have. I may just record classes for the duration and cross my fingers I don’t lose too many students.

I am taking a “Movement for Pain Care” workshop this weekend. I know most of the stuff, but this is live on Zoom, and I will be able to practice what I pick up and settle in more comfortably with how to communicate these concepts. This is a topic I am deeply interested in.

If it hurts to move and yet movement or adding load is what makes us feel better than how does one encourage and support that?

I got a Pivo for my iPhone yesterday. I don’t suppose any of you have used one. I am not looking forward to the learning curve, but I am looking forward to having it work.

Every darn day I understand more deeply what that New Year’s Nine of Swords meant.

Keeping my nerve and my spirits up is the ticket to the other side. Oh, and being willing to do things I am not good at but have good intentions around. Ugh.

At least for today it is not raining and unlike many of you we do not have a big winter storm hovering over us.

Last updated January 29, 2022

woman in the moon January 29, 2022

I'm glad when a cat gets positive attention.
I wonder how we really know what we are good at. Do people sometimes work their whole lives at something they aren't good at? Do they know it? Would it be a favor to tell them?
God - I'm an evil person.

Do you think ranked voting would be a good thing?

noko woman in the moon ⋅ January 29, 2022

I don't know if Ranked Choice Voting is a good thing. It sounds like it might be a better alternative in local elections. The thing I like about it is this idea of sincerity. That instead of being strategic or choosing "the better of two evils" you have the opportunity to vote for the candidate you actually like best. I have often voted for what I considered the lessor of two evils and it is disheartening.

mcbee January 29, 2022

Now that's where we would be different, I think serving on a murder trial jury would be fascinating. I got called once for a big federal drug case and didn't look forward to that but luckily wasn't needed. Props to Diego.

Jinn February 10, 2022

If it hurts to move and yet movement or adding load is what makes us feel better than how does one encourage and support that?
This resonates with me because every movement is horrendously painful. I force myself but often I wonder if it’s not making it worse . 🤦‍♀️

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