• Dec. 27, 2021, 10:45 a.m.
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I am way past that envy
or that so-called jealousy.
Just a silent observer
to the oblivious or ignorant
to the fact that we’re all different
and the universe always has a way
to randomly pick you for a foul play.

No, I’m not going to whine: “Why me?”
I won’t display such a victim mentality.
I’ll just be this quiet analyst
especially to a lot that you miss
either by error or choice.
I see it as it is.

It’s like listening to the ones with the beauty privilege,
who keep telling you to keep the faith.
Love is for everyone
as long as you keep your heart open.
Perhaps they’re only looking
at their eager admirers dying for their love and attention,
instead of your mean bullies
who tell you to bug off and just die, please.

So different,
but let’s not expect them to understand.
They’re not meant to wear your shoes,
just like you’re all set to sing your blues.
Sometimes, no … oftentimes,
you can only do your best
even when love is still not meant to last …


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