So much going on but yet, not much to talk about in General Nonsense

  • May 24, 2014, 9:28 a.m.
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It is the end of the school year. I am feeling it once again. The exhaustion has set in majorly. Getting up at 4 am everyday takes its toll by the end of the year. I am giving way to morning naps every day when I get home from the morning runs. I should be using this time to pack as I am set to move in a week. Nothing has been packed. Yet I keep taking naps and oh yah, screwing my bf. All of which has been wonderful. I am loving that part of this. That is prob the most wonderful part of my life right now.
There is so much going on with my son. His school is driving me absolutely nuts. Although, I have decided to let it all work out to my own advantage since they are so over the top with everything. My daughter really wants to go to school there next year for her last year. With the move, the transportation to that school is a major issue. But if the school is persistent on labeling my son for their own gain, I will use it as a boost for the transportation for my kids to get there. I do want my son to get the help he needs... I don't dispute any of that. I just don't see the need for the near daily phone calls from his teacher. We are all aware of what's going on. I don't feel the need for the daily updates.
My sisters are coming home from vacation today. I wanted to have so much packed by now but still nothing. I just don't know where to begin. I am coloring my hair as I speak lol. Lets begin there.
I stopped getting my nails done last year, stopped coloring my hair, and I gained weight. I basically gave up. I got tired of all of the wrong kind of men coming into my life. I figured once I find someone who sees me for me, I will get back on track. Now that I have found him... I'm going to start trying again. This is just the beginning. I am going to work on diet and exercising again, and eventually start doing my nails. But that seems like a moot point on the verge of a major move like this. My man is good... the best. He loves me for me and I am sooooo beyond happy to have him in my life. I have great kids. Before long I will be living on my own. It is a very exciting time in my life. Yeah me!!! :)

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